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Earth Day 2020: UCT (Asia) Sustainability approach together with United Nations

Today, April 22 2020, we mark the celebrations of Earth Day across the globe. This year, it is the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day celebrations.

While the planet is on Lock Down, our planet is healing. 

On Earth Day, let’s plan to restart The Right Way. Let’s help our planet stay healthy when we get through this, without us staying at home. Let’s build a better post-Covid world, where our planet also thrives with us.


Based on today UN ESCAP workshop on how to green our workplace, UCT (Asia) decided to implement further climate action and green our work environment! A step further in our sustainability approach.

  • Discover how in our Environment and Sustainability policy. (>>Download)
  • Find Sustainable Alternatives to plastic for your branded merchandise

UCT (ASIA) dedication to Eco-Friendliness – Thorough Sustainability

At UCT Asia, we strive to operate with sustainability in mind at all times. The products we sell are manufactured in a responsible and ethical fashion and abide by national regulatory requirement norms in each of our markets. Our solid quality-control methods ensure that the products you’ll choose for your brand can be sold and used with confidence.

More about UN ESCAPE program:

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UCT (Asia) Service Update relative to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

To our valued customers, supplier and partners.


We are 100% operational during COVID-19 outbreak


  • NO impact for our customers, we quote, design, produce and deliver as usual. 


China’s manufacturing capability is already back up and running. As such we do not anticipate any impact to our ability to render service to our customers.

We also have products manufactured in other countries and it’s likely, as some of these countries go into lock down, that this may impact on the local supply chain. In such cases we will find either producers of the same items in other countries, or provide alternative options in terms of products.



  • SAFE environment for our employees in our 4 countries offices 


With offices in 4 countries and many people already working remotely. We have natural resilience and processes in place that ensure we are able to continue as usual. 



  • CLOUD based solutions (email, servers, procurement, video conferencing, …) for all what we do.


All of our team members have access to emails, servers, sourcing database and teleconferencing facilities at home.

In these difficult times, we value videoconferencing with our customers and partners. This is a way to strengthen our relationships at a time where human exchanges are key. 

Let’s meet on Teams, Hangout meet, Skype, or others, … !


We all find ourselves in unknown waters and a rapidly changing situation. We are in constant communication with our staff, customers and partners, closely monitoring the situation and evaluating our position as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. 


Stay Well everyone!


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5 Reasons to use Global sourcing agents over other options

Reasons for Engaging Global Sourcing Agents in Dealing with Suppliers

Trading companies and sourcing agents are necessary because there are numerous manufacturers, all of whom who vary in their capabilities. You will find manufacturers with different strengths in fields such as exporting, understanding of the global market, domestic business performances and foreign language skills to name a few. Traders and sourcing agents help to bridge any gaps between international buyers and manufacturers.

However, while there are countless buyers dealing with international trading companies, some buyers choose to purchase locally instead. This is especially the case for those that have technical requirements. Some would even choose to deal directly with the manufacturer without going through any agents.

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to use global sourcing agents over other options.

1. Better Control

With a good global sourcing agent, the buyer’s interests are fully enacted in a very controlled manner.

Firstly, with someone getting deep into the factories, the buyer has better control of the production, delivery and after-sale service. They can also make sure all the follow-up information they receive is accurate.

Secondly, and more importantly, the sourcing agent can find suitable suppliers independently and without a motivation to choose a particular product. This means the agent is more likely to find a product and manufacturer that serves your needs best. Their experience will also mean that they can ensure descriptions and claims are accurate.

2. Authentic Assessment and Audit

A global sourcing agent can provide the buyer with full information on registration details, official documents, latest photos and written reports about the factory. This can include information on offices, production lines, warehouses, quality control stations and lab equipment etc. They will also be able to assess the manufacturer’s qualifications, credibility, production capacity and technical expertise.

Without such an agent, it would be easy for manufacturers to falsify claims regarding their production capabilities and overall suitability for the job.

3. Easier Communication

A good global sourcing agent is a person will be fluent in more than one language. They will also have technical knowledge regarding your products and know what is required from manufacturers.
They will be able to work on behalf of the buyer to assess suppliers, negotiate the price and terms, undertake trouble-shooting, request follow-ups, ensure problems are dealt with and help enhance the overall business relationship.

4. Lower Costs

Trading companies will often employ many staff and operate from large office buildings. Sourcing agents, however, will tend to work alone or in a small team. This helps to make sourcing agents the more affordable option.

What’s more is that a trading company is likely to keep the trader’s information confidential. This is often done to try and prevent the buyer from skipping the middleman and going through the manufacturer directly. This means that the buyer may never have all the complete details regarding price etc. For all the buyer knows, the trader could be adding a considerable margin onto the price for themselves. This, in addition to the higher operating costs, means the trading company is likely to be the more expensive option.

5. Global Sourcing Agents Often Represent the Supplier

An agent will provide immediate access to the best suppliers and most trustworthy companies that offer the most relevant expertise.  Some global sourcing agents also offer engineering services and lend a hand in the development of new products. They can also keep an eye on the international market to find the best rates for you. International agents will also be able to deal with translations and also make arrangements for site visits. They can also deal with multiple suppliers when needed.

Above is just a few of the reasons that an International Business should use a global sourcing agent. It might take some time for you to find the right agent, but the benefits you will reap will make it well worth the effort.

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Benefits of sourcing promotional items from China

The Right Sourcing Agent for Your Company’s Needs

Expanding your customer base with promotional items is a great way to get ahead of the competition and gain customers’ loyalty in the long run. It is actually a way of advertising or, better still, a goodwill gesture to show you appreciate your customers.

Some businesses have used china corporate promotional products to make a big statement in their sphere of endeavour and rise to unbelievable heights by using these items in a judicious manner.

A Lasting Impression

China has hundreds of amazing promotional gifts such as key rings, crystals and exquisite artworks. The aim of promotional items is to generate customer interest in a way that is lasting. Thus, China corporate promotional products and others are often customized with the inscription of the company’s name, logo and phone numbers.

Some of the most popular promotional items include glasses, mugs, cup holders and glow bangles. Others include mouse pads, 3D cups, and paintings. All of these can be customized and shipped according to the company’s requirements.

Keeping Costs Down

It is usually a key aim of the manufacturing companies to do all they can to keep costs low. They will do all they can to keep the jobs local and within their country. Sometimes, though, outsourcing may be necessary. If you are looking at outsourcing then this is where a China sourcing agent comes in. They can help you get your product manufactured for a lower cost.

Countless manufacturing jobs are sent to China every year in order to reduce costs (cost of production in China is cheaper than manufacturing the products themselves). If they’re struggling to pay salaries and buy equipment, then this can be a great opportunity to reduce running costs to the bare minimum.

Maintaining Quality

Despite cutting costs, companies would not wish to sacrifice in terms of quality where possible. Doing so is likely to be counter-productive overall.

There are many opportunities to be able to lower operating costs (one of which was mentioned above). In some places, the costs are just too high in order for the company to make a profit. Outsourcing to another company that is able to make the products cheaper can be a huge cost saving and, in many cases, less of a hassle for the managers. This can be something that is done on a temporary basis or permanently. It is also something that can help them to increase the number of products that they are able to sell.

Catering to Different Requirements

Companies have different reasons for outsourcing their products. The company needs to take the right decision that will benefit them and their customer base, making them as happy as possible. A China product sourcing agent can help a great deal in this regard, offering quality products at the lowest price. They usually deal with businesses that are genuine and trustworthy.

With this approach, more profit is made, salaries are paid as and when due, overhead costs are completely taken care of.  It’s little wonder that China corporate promotional products are so popular these days.

Finding the Best

A China product sourcing agent will help you find the best companies for the type of product that your company needs. They will also help you get the best prices. Obviously, you’ll need a certain specific quantity of your product every month and that will not be a problem if you have the right China sourcing agent.

If you need a China product outsourcing agent all you have to do is look in the right places.  A lot of explaining needs to be done by the managers to let people know that laying off workers was not an easy decision to make. Some other companies will even outsource before trying to manufacture anything.

It makes sense to use the right outsourcing agent for your China corporate promotional products to get ahead of the competition. It can help you to survive in a highly competitive market space and expand your horizons.

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Clever Ideas for marketing your brand

Clever Tips & Ideas for Promotional Products and Marketing Your Brand

Are you looking for a sourcing agent in China? A reputable and reliable company that can assist you with all of your promotional products and marketing requirements? Well, one thing is for certain; you’re not in short supply. The difference is finding someone that you can truly rely on. We are a long-established product sourcing agent in China and have been operating in 2003. Naturally, with 15 years’ experience, we’ve picked up a number of tricks along the way. In fact, each of our Chinese product sourcing agents has a significant amount of experience and are wholeheartedly passionate about promotions, marketing and helping brands create the best possible campaigns.

That being said; it’s not just about experience & passion, but vision. It’s about being able to stray from the beaten path and dare to try new things. To be bold and bright when creating promotional products for all manner of businesses and brands.

In this post we are going to share our vision with you and give you some creative and exciting ideas for your next promotional product.

1 – Promotional Mobile Phone Related Products

Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? It’s very rare that you find someone without, and as a business, – your customers mobile phones are your best shot at reaching them with your products and services. But we’re not just talking about simply running an effective online marketing & SEO campaign; We’re talking about creating promotional products that your audience can use for their phones.

A protective phone cover perhaps? Be the shield that protects your customers prized possession and follow them wherever they go. Or alternatively, what about promotional phone charging cables? How often do people complain about their phone’s running out of battery, or their chargers breaking? When it comes to creating promotional products for advertising purposes you must be bold with your decision-making process. Make a statement!

2 – Make it Regional or Seasonal (Or Both)

In China, a clever product sourcing agent would recommend promotional items that can serve your audience well. Let’s look at the monsoon season perhaps? If you’re running a campaign in April and May, why not try offering a promotional umbrella? The rains will come but people will very much have to go about their days regardless, – be the brand that shelters them from the rain!

Think regional as well. What will your target audience in Australia favour? Or Great Britain perhaps? Do your research, get to know your audience and you’ll certainly come up with some awesome and creative ideas!

3 – Who Doesn’t Love a Nice Pair of Socks?

Promotional garments and items of clothing are always a great approach as well. Consider a pair of socks for example: it’s a cute, comfortable and charming novelty promotional product which people will almost certainly hold on to. You can never have too many socks, and if they’re comfortable, top-quality and they have an attractive design, your customers will wear them all of the time!

Of course, you’ll want the socks made so that your brand logo will be on display and invariably people will ask: “Are you wearing ‘such & such’ socks?” To which they’ll reply: “Heck yea, I love them, they’re so cosy!” – This is positive reinforcement across the board, which is the overall goal with promotional products. The difference is, what message would you like to convey? Are you the cosy socks? The convenient lanyard? Or the trusty flip-flops?

4 – Sweeten the Deal with Corporate Gifts

If you are genuinely looking for a new sourcing agent in China, then we’d highly recommend sending us a lovely hamper full of gifts and perhaps we’ll sort you out with a nice deal. All joking aside of course, but that is something that we would recommend if you want to build strong corporate relationships. It’s about going above and beyond and sending more than just a generic Christmas card. You shouldn’t only endeavour to build trust and loyalty with your customers, but with your corporate partners as well. This helps to maintain those mutually beneficial and financially viable partnerships in the future, securing your business even further.


Get everybody involved with the initial process. Remember that all of your employees are consumers to one degree or another so why not seek their feedback and input? When you host your regular meetings, perhaps address the room and see if everyone can bounce some ideas around? You might come up short, though there could well be some truly innovative and exciting ideas that could transform your next marketing campaign.

If you are in need of a product sourcing agent in China, look no further. We have a wealth of experience and are always happy to help new clients and customers. Simply get in touch with us today, at your convenience. Best of luck!

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Tips for Making Your Promotion Products Work Efficiently

5 Top Tips for Making Your Promotional Products Work as Effectively as Possible

When it comes to sourcing promotional products, our agents at UCT Asia are among the very best. We hire people with the experience and the knowhow, so that we can provide all of our clients and customers with the best solutions for the promotional and marketing campaigns. But, what is it that makes a decent promotional product? What should you do to ensure that your promotional products actually work as effectively as intended?

Think of the last trade show or seminar that you attended, did you bring any promotional products home with you? Which items did you pass on because you had no interest? Have a think about the types of products that you would be interested in first, and that’s the first step towards understanding the consumer (as you too are a consumer)

In this post we’re going to offer 5 hot tips for making your promotional products work! It has to make sense for both your brand and for the customer. A great place to begin is by finding yourself a reputable product sourcing agent who can help with both product advice and manufacturing.

1 – Keep in Consistency with Your Brand and Overall Marketing Message

There’s no use in creating a promotional product if it isn’t consistent with the rest of your brand and the overall message that you’re trying to put across. Your promotional products should be instantly recognisable as being apart of your brand, whilst also clearly being in line with a new idea. This idea should be carried across your entire business and translated in everything that you do, right down to your social media posts. This is key for standing out amongst your competitors and creating a truly memorable, promotional product.

2 – Make Sure That Your Audience Actually Want Your Promotional Products

You shouldn’t create a promotional product for the sake of it, without first giving it plenty of thought. Let’s look at the Football World Cup in 2018. How well do you think a snack-bowl/beer holder would have done if it were shaped like a rugby ball instead? Or a tennis racket perhaps? It’s poor planning and your audience won’t want anything to do with them because they’re irrelevant. The whole idea is to impress your audience, make them smile and provide them with a quirky and clever product which will make them remember your brand in a positive light.

Look to product sourcing in China and invest in items that aren’t overused for marketing purposes. It’s all about offering something as unique as possible, however don’t ignore the popular items for the sake of being different (if it works, it works)

3 – Consider Your Target Audience Carefully

Depending on the types of products and services that you offer, your audience will differ greatly. In order to create the best possible promotional product, you have to create something relevant and useful to them, – something which is going to connect with them effectively. Perhaps try something that has a direct application to your products and services, whilst being certain to create something unique.

4 – Keep an Eye Out for Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

The most successful businesses are willing and able to work in collaboration with other businesses. Of course, you wouldn’t want to partner with someone who is in direct competition with you; however, open up to the prospect of working with other people for promotional purposes (especially at events) – Document this with plenty of photos on social media, – if both companies are doing this you will instantly double your reach. A great example of this is the recent Lego/Bugatti collaboration.

5 – Don’t Let Your Promotional Products Go to Waste

Naturally, you’d like to make as much money as possible when it comes to your promotional products, though primarily its about creating hype and attracting new customers to your brand. When an advertising campaign nears its end and you’re left with promotional products that will no longer be relevant, don’t just throw them in the trash! This is a unique opportunity for you to host social media competitions and give-aways.

In addition to that you must also consider the most economical and cost effect way of creating your promotion products, for example: sourcing products from China.


As a long-established product sourcing agency, we are well-versed when it comes to finding and manufacturing the best promotional products for companies all over. So, if you’re a marketing and promotions company based in China, sourcing products has never been easier. Simply get in contact with us today and we can help get your campaign off the ground.