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Promotional Items Bangkok

Promotional Items Bangkok!

Looking for Promotional items in Bangkok?


UCT (Asia), a full service procurement agency since 2003. We are a SEDEX certified  and audited company following the latest ethical compliance when it comes to manufacturing promotional items.


Working with us means taking advantage of the following services:


  • Design proposals in 2D and 3D from our integrated design studio.
  • Sourcing service within our sourcing network from suppliers all over the world.
  • Expertise in OEM developments and Private labeling.
  • Free samples from our stock room.
  • Quality Control.
  • Pick & Pack.
  • Logistics.
  • Warehousing.
  • Payment terms for active clients.


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Promotional Items Bangkok


What are promotional items?

Promotional items are used world wide to promote products, corporate identity and brands. Some promotional items are also used as giveaways to promote brands during exhibitions and events.

Most of the promotional items can be branded with your company’s logo. Generally, most promotional items are rather inexpensive and small, but sometimes promotional items can also be more premium, exclusive and high-end. This depends on the company’s available budget.


Why use promotional items in Bangkok?

The main reason why most companies use promotional items is to increase brand recognition and to raise brand awareness among the clientele. Using promotional items will create emotion between the customer and your brand.


What are the best promotional items for my brand?

We can help you proposing a suitable range of products that reflect your corporate identity the best way possible. Please use the contact form and drop us a short email, we will contact you back as soon as possible.


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UCT (Asia) is conveniently located in Silom, the heart of Bangkok’s business district. Easily accessible via Skytrain, MRT and Taxi. Dont hesitate to give us a call and ask for directions or a pick up from your place in case you want to setup a meeting in our offices.

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Corporate Gifts Bangkok

Corporate Gifts Bangkok.


Are you looking for Corporate Gifts in Bangkok?

UCT (Asia) is your one stop solution when it comes to Corporate Gifts. We offer a wide selection of Corporate Gifts, made to order or from stock.


The TOP 10 Corporate Gifts Bangkok are as follows:

  1. Ceramic Mug
  2. Bottle opener
  3. Pen
  4. Bags
  5. Power Bank
  6. Metal and Plastic Tumbler
  7. Notebook
  8. Cap
  9. Organizer
  10. Umbrella


If you are looking for one of the above Corporate Gifts or if you need other Corporate Gifts, please contact us by email.


UCT (Asia) is your one stop solution full service procurement agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We are the only agency that is SEDEX certified and approved. We provide the following services:

  • Design Service
  • Product Proposals
  • Product Samplings
  • Custom made Productions
  • Warehousing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Logistics


UCT (Asia) – Established in 2003, UCT (Asia) acts as a subcontractor for the world’s leading Promotional Companies, Marketing Procurement and Fulfillment agencies, from the creation of products, to the manufacturing and delivery. Come and visit our website and follow us on Facebook!


Electronic corporate gifts from China

UCT (Asia) manufactures electronic gifts and corporate gifts in Shenzhen, China, and imports them into Bangkok once a week.

USBs: USBs are one of the most bought electronic advertising products on the market, together with power banks.

Their capacity ranges from 1gb to 32gb, and materials range from wood, aluminum, plastic, soft PVC, crystal and many others.

They are fully customizable.

From the smallest quantity of 25pcs, to hundred of thousand of pieces, we offer unbeatable prices coupled with fast and efficient service.

Ask for data pre loading, auto run functions and other programs.

We also produce promotional weather Stations, promotional watches, promotional headsets, power banks, promotional speakers and many other products.

UCT has been acting as China Buying Agent since 2003 for numerous multinational companies.

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Promotional Merchandise Bangkok

Are you looking for Promotional Merchandise Bangkok?


UCT (Asia) is specialized in producing customized promotional merchandise for your promotional event. No matter if you are looking for low quantities or higher volumes – we can provide you with a tailor made solution.


Our integrated design studio can support you with 2D and 3D sketches to visualize your product before it goes into sampling or production.


In case you have an inquiry, please drop us a short email with your requirements and we will contact you back within 24 hours.


UCT (Asia) are Sedex (Smeta) audited and certified, Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical sourcing has always been one of our core values, together with achievement of Quality, Competitive pricing, Creativity and Reactivity.


UCT Asia – Your promotional merchandise supplier in Bangkok!


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Promotional Office stationary from China

Here is a list of promotional office stationary and gifts which we propose, all made in our Shenzhen-based factory in China, which we deliver to any warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand.

Promotional pouches are extremely useful items in a variety of situations, whether at home, school or office. Most of our designs are casual and bring the fun factor back. Nice reliefs in PVC, colorful designs, and lenticular effects. Your personal belongings will always be kept together in the most fashionable way.

Promotional office clocks will always tell you the right time. We have unique shapes. Their stands and magnets will allow your logo to stand out as a desk accessory or as home decoration.

Promotional bookmarks will always remind you where you left your reading. Made with either PVC, Paper or thin wood, they will enable you to put your book down without worrying.

Promotional printed pens are the most popular item in the world. We have plenty of them, in plastic, metal, with or without gift boxes.

Promotional mouse pads: they are used by everyone, everyday. Available in a variety of materials and shapes, they are used to promote businesses or brand names virtually anywhere.

We also produce promotional school cases, promotional school pouches, printed highlighter pens, promotional magnifiers, customized photo frames, promotional document holders, printed sticky noted, promotional diaries and agendas, computer dusters, promotional staplers, customized pen pots.

UCT has been acting as a China Buying Agent for the most prestigious companies for many years.

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Promotional Health Care products from our China factory

Here is a list of promotional health care products to do sales activation and brand awareness in Bangkok, Thailand.

UCT acts as a China buying office since 2001, catering to a worldwide clientele.

Promotional Lip Balms: they are multi purpose, for summer, winter, indoors and outdoors.

These gifts come with many different attachments and are perfect for those always on the go.

Put your name on people’s lips with this high impact visual product.

Promotional Wet Tissues and Wipes. They are very popular and widely used in the daily life. Individually packed, the pouch has a large imprint area which allows printing on both sides and provides for highly visible promotional messages.

Promotional Pedometers: they are inexpensive and functional promotional tools. They help keeping track of daily activities and setting goals.

Used originally by sports and physical enthusiasts, pedometers are now becoming popular, as an everyday exercise tracker and motivator.

The latest versions of these are activity tracking watches, such as Fit Bit.

Anti Stress Balls: they provide effective relief in stress situations. Tight deadline, too many meetings to attend, telephone ringing…  stress levels rise and everyone needs a little squeeze once in a while. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, it enables to display logos and always be remembered.


We also produce promotional pill boxes, promotional air fresheners, printed paper napkins printed toothpicks, customized wax candles, promotional eye cool masks and promotional hot and cool packs.

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Promotional Drink accessories and bar ware from China

Here is a small selection of promotional drink accessories and bar ware we produce out of China, for promotions and event in Bangkok and Thailand in general.

Coasters are found virtually anywhere from home to office and their popularity makes them ideal promotional items.

Promotional coasters will keep your tables and desks free from water gl;ass or cup ring stains, along with avoiding spills. Our coasters can be made in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and colors, whether in PVC rubber or paper carton materials.

Promotional Rubber and Silicone bar mats: these offer a very large lasting high quality image. On a more practical side, they help prevent minor spills. The promotional bar mats, like all other advertising bar supplies we produce, are dishwasher safe.

Custom made PVC Mugs: take your logo to another dimension. Designed from your customized artwork, the logo will perfectly fit on the plastic mug. The PVC can be safely used in the dishwasher but is not suitable for microwave.

Promotional Bottle Openers: they are functional giveaway products which can be taken anywhere by adding a 2 in 1 key ring. Colorful in PVC, hip and affordable in aluminum and perfect for photo replicates with offset printing on metal: your choice will only be a question of taste.

Promotional Wine Openers and Promotional Corkscrews: they are simple and elegant. These openers are the most portable and adaptable corkscrews. From plastic to rosewood, everyone will enjoy opening a wine bottle while advertising your message.

Promotional Can and Bottle neoprene holders, Koozies and Beer condoms: they are light weight, smooth to the touch and will keep your drink hot or cold longer, while providing protection against shocks. Promotion brand awareness in a true style, these holders will fit all standard bottle and can sizes.

Promotional wine charms: they come in an assortment of colors and will help you spot your glass in any social gathering. These unique promotional products will draw a lot of attention to your logo in a festive surrounding.

UCT (Asia) has been acting as China Buying Office for 15 years, serving a highly reputable clientele.

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Promotional Mobile phone accessories from our China factory

Promotional Mobile phone straps and lanyards are made of polyester and are available in a variety of sizes with plastic, PVC or metal accessories.

They fit as great  giveaways in Bangkok, Thailand. Attached to your cell phone, they are one of the most effective ways to get your message accross. Standard materials are PVC extruded or Polyester.

PVC mobile phone holders offer a great range of space for customization. This stylish desk item comes with the option of a flashing light which is activated when the mobile phone rings.

Promotional  mobile cleaners are the perfect accessory to safely clean the screen of your cell phone and your camera lens. The back side of the promotional mobile cleaner is made of micro-fiber, which is the same material used for cleaning glass. All mobile phone cleaners can be customized with your requirements, including shape, size, printing and attachment.

Mobile socks are a great giveaway. They allow you to protect your phone in a fun and colorful way. Simply slip your device inside the sock for instant protection against damages caused by keys and loose change. Made from cotton the sock stretches to accomodate most cell phones, including your Iphone, Ipod, PDA. The model comes with a handy hook and lanyard so that you can wear it conveniently. Customization can be made on the lanyard or on a patch (either made from PVC cloisonne or woven), sown onto the sock.

UCT has been serving a worldwide clientele as China sourcing agent for numerous years.

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Promotional magnets and badges from china factory as giveaways

Here is the list of promotional magnets and promotional badges which we produce in our factory, based in Shenzhen, China.

They make a perfect customizable product for the promotion of your brand in Bangkok and generally in Thailand.

Magnets are the perfect portable tools to show your brand anywhere. They nicely display advertisement and logos.

We use flat soft magnets to accomodate color matches and photo finish requirements. They are made from offset printing paper and are covered by a thin PVC coating.

We use PVC magnets in 2D and 3D to take your promotional campaigns to the next dimension.

Promotional pins have always been popular for promoting special events. Used as collectable items or as giveaways, several manufacturing options are available for processing the pins, including the most popular brass, zamac and stainless materials.

Button badges are usually worn to display affiliation to a party, a club, a school an association. They are effective and inexpensive eye catchers. You can chose from many different sizes to express your message in either silk screen printing or offset printing.

Our attachment for all your gifts, souvenirs or promotional campaigns feature a range of clips and cuff links in a diverse assortment of metals, designs and styles. All our clips and pins can be gifted

in a nice gift box.



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UCT has been acting as a China Buying Agent for 15 years across the globe, helping customers make impressions count.


Promotional wristbands and lanyards from our china factory

Here is the list of promotional wristbands and lanyards which we manufacture.

Silicone braclete are made of high quality silicone rubber. Even though our standard circumferences are either 7” or 8”, with an 1/2” width, we are able to provide any kind of measurements using different techniques individually, or in a combination of embossing, debossing, screen printing, mixes color materials, glow in the dark and many more.

2D & 3D PVC giveaway bracelets models are available on all requested sizes. All PMS colors can be etched, as well as glow in the dark, glittering and translucent effects. Metal plated and plastic colors and also customizable.

Printed nylon wristbands can be screen printed and offer a smooth and shiny option to adorn your wrist.

Snap bracelets are slapped against your forearm causing the bands to spring back in curve.

Sweatbands are comfortable, durable, washable and of course absorbent. Made of 80% cotton and 20% stetch nylon, they will display your logo directly knitted on the material or embroidered on a patch.

Promotional lanyards are indispensable items for all trade shows, meetings, or all other events. Get the right customized lanyard using a wide range of fabric material available (polyester, nylon, satin etc). We can offer an extensive set of hooks and attachments  to suit all needs. Your logo can be displayed through screen printing, weaving, sublimation, heat transfer or in PVC.

ID plates are ideal to be customized to your corporate identity or logo and come in a complete line of tags. These items can be produced in aluminum, stainless steel, zamac, brass, iron, leather, EVA, PVC or silicone materials.

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UCT has been a China Buying Agent for 15 years.