Promotional Drink accessories and bar ware from China

Here is a small selection of promotional drink accessories and bar ware we produce out of China, for promotions and event in Bangkok and Thailand in general.

Coasters are found virtually anywhere from home to office and their popularity makes them ideal promotional items.

Promotional coasters will keep your tables and desks free from water gl;ass or cup ring stains, along with avoiding spills. Our coasters can be made in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and colors, whether in PVC rubber or paper carton materials.

Promotional Rubber and Silicone bar mats: these offer a very large lasting high quality image. On a more practical side, they help prevent minor spills. The promotional bar mats, like all other advertising bar supplies we produce, are dishwasher safe.

Custom made PVC Mugs: take your logo to another dimension. Designed from your customized artwork, the logo will perfectly fit on the plastic mug. The PVC can be safely used in the dishwasher but is not suitable for microwave.

Promotional Bottle Openers: they are functional giveaway products which can be taken anywhere by adding a 2 in 1 key ring. Colorful in PVC, hip and affordable in aluminum and perfect for photo replicates with offset printing on metal: your choice will only be a question of taste.

Promotional Wine Openers and Promotional Corkscrews: they are simple and elegant. These openers are the most portable and adaptable corkscrews. From plastic to rosewood, everyone will enjoy opening a wine bottle while advertising your message.

Promotional Can and Bottle neoprene holders, Koozies and Beer condoms: they are light weight, smooth to the touch and will keep your drink hot or cold longer, while providing protection against shocks. Promotion brand awareness in a true style, these holders will fit all standard bottle and can sizes.

Promotional wine charms: they come in an assortment of colors and will help you spot your glass in any social gathering. These unique promotional products will draw a lot of attention to your logo in a festive surrounding.

UCT (Asia) has been acting as China Buying Office for 15 years, serving a highly reputable clientele.

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Promotional Drink Accessories