Promotional Health Care products from our China factory

Here is a list of promotional health care products to do sales activation and brand awareness in Bangkok, Thailand.

UCT acts as a China buying office since 2001, catering to a worldwide clientele.

Promotional Lip Balms: they are multi purpose, for summer, winter, indoors and outdoors.

These gifts come with many different attachments and are perfect for those always on the go.

Put your name on people’s lips with this high impact visual product.

Promotional Wet Tissues and Wipes. They are very popular and widely used in the daily life. Individually packed, the pouch has a large imprint area which allows printing on both sides and provides for highly visible promotional messages.

Promotional Pedometers: they are inexpensive and functional promotional tools. They help keeping track of daily activities and setting goals.

Used originally by sports and physical enthusiasts, pedometers are now becoming popular, as an everyday exercise tracker and motivator.

The latest versions of these are activity tracking watches, such as Fit Bit.

Anti Stress Balls: they provide effective relief in stress situations. Tight deadline, too many meetings to attend, telephone ringing…  stress levels rise and everyone needs a little squeeze once in a while. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, it enables to display logos and always be remembered.


We also produce promotional pill boxes, promotional air fresheners, printed paper napkins printed toothpicks, customized wax candles, promotional eye cool masks and promotional hot and cool packs.

UCT UCT-Anti-stress-ball