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Here is the list of the different promotional Key Rings which we manufacture:

Flexible PVC products are tailor made, either in 2D or 3D shape. The term cloisonné means that each PMS color is applied into the partitions of the mold. This item, which is made of rubber material, reveals the details really well. Quite flexible, non toxic and durable, the PVC key ring is recommended for all types of events in Bangkok and in Thailand, generally.

Key rings with light are fully customizable thanks to a soft foam padding. This item is covered with durable PVC and decorated in vibrant colors (up to 10 spot colors) making this an ideal branding tool. From simple to complex, we can design just about anything. Each of these attractive soft key rings carry an intrinsic value: they light up.

EVA key rings are safe, odorless, non toxic, lightweight, strong and washable. Nearly all custom designs are available with screen printing on both sides.

Acrylic key rings are offset printed on paper on both sides and sealed into an acrylic casing. Many models available.

Metal key rings are stylish, durable and affordable. Your imagination can go wild when designing a metal key ring using our diverse materials and decorating options. Iron with soft enamel stamping, stainless with offset printing, Zamac 3D with laser engraving and Brass with resin enamel or photo etching. The possibilities are unlimited.

Aluminum carabiners are very practical and functional. Easily attached, they keep your keys secured and readily accessible, They come in many shapes and sizes. The loop of the carabiner can be entirely rounded, or flat on one side and to display your logo using using laser engraving, screen printing or stamping. Additional straps are available with PVC or woven label.

Reflective key rings are made of light and durable acrylic material. The have the distinct feature of being reflective and provide you with added visibility in the dark.

Nylon key rings offer shapes and printing options that other types of key rings just can’t replicate. Stuffed with foam and covered with nylon, they are very light and soft to the touch.

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promotional key rings

promotional key ring