Promotional Office stationary from China

Here is a list of promotional office stationary and gifts which we propose, all made in our Shenzhen-based factory in China, which we deliver to any warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand.

Promotional pouches are extremely useful items in a variety of situations, whether at home, school or office. Most of our designs are casual and bring the fun factor back. Nice reliefs in PVC, colorful designs, and lenticular effects. Your personal belongings will always be kept together in the most fashionable way.

Promotional office clocks will always tell you the right time. We have unique shapes. Their stands and magnets will allow your logo to stand out as a desk accessory or as home decoration.

Promotional bookmarks will always remind you where you left your reading. Made with either PVC, Paper or thin wood, they will enable you to put your book down without worrying.

Promotional printed pens are the most popular item in the world. We have plenty of them, in plastic, metal, with or without gift boxes.

Promotional mouse pads: they are used by everyone, everyday. Available in a variety of materials and shapes, they are used to promote businesses or brand names virtually anywhere.

We also produce promotional school cases, promotional school pouches, printed highlighter pens, promotional magnifiers, customized photo frames, promotional document holders, printed sticky noted, promotional diaries and agendas, computer dusters, promotional staplers, customized pen pots.

UCT has been acting as a China Buying Agent for the most prestigious companies for many years.

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