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Earth Day 2020: UCT (Asia) Sustainability approach together with United Nations

Today, April 22 2020, we mark the celebrations of Earth Day across the globe. This year, it is the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day celebrations.

While the planet is on Lock Down, our planet is healing. 

On Earth Day, let’s plan to restart The Right Way. Let’s help our planet stay healthy when we get through this, without us staying at home. Let’s build a better post-Covid world, where our planet also thrives with us.


Based on today UN ESCAP workshop on how to green our workplace, UCT (Asia) decided to implement further climate action and green our work environment! A step further in our sustainability approach.

  • Discover how in our Environment and Sustainability policy. (>>Download)
  • Find Sustainable Alternatives to plastic for your branded merchandise

UCT (ASIA) dedication to Eco-Friendliness – Thorough Sustainability

At UCT Asia, we strive to operate with sustainability in mind at all times. The products we sell are manufactured in a responsible and ethical fashion and abide by national regulatory requirement norms in each of our markets. Our solid quality-control methods ensure that the products you’ll choose for your brand can be sold and used with confidence.

More about UN ESCAPE program:

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UCT (Asia) Service Update relative to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

To our valued customers, supplier and partners.


We are 100% operational during COVID-19 outbreak


  • NO impact for our customers, we quote, design, produce and deliver as usual. 


China’s manufacturing capability is already back up and running. As such we do not anticipate any impact to our ability to render service to our customers.

We also have products manufactured in other countries and it’s likely, as some of these countries go into lock down, that this may impact on the local supply chain. In such cases we will find either producers of the same items in other countries, or provide alternative options in terms of products.



  • SAFE environment for our employees in our 4 countries offices 


With offices in 4 countries and many people already working remotely. We have natural resilience and processes in place that ensure we are able to continue as usual. 



  • CLOUD based solutions (email, servers, procurement, video conferencing, …) for all what we do.


All of our team members have access to emails, servers, sourcing database and teleconferencing facilities at home.

In these difficult times, we value videoconferencing with our customers and partners. This is a way to strengthen our relationships at a time where human exchanges are key. 

Let’s meet on Teams, Hangout meet, Skype, or others, … !


We all find ourselves in unknown waters and a rapidly changing situation. We are in constant communication with our staff, customers and partners, closely monitoring the situation and evaluating our position as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. 


Stay Well everyone!