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UCT (Asia) has always been known as an innovative crew. Since 2001, when the company first launched Octopus, a patented Foldable Beer Glass Carrier, which was acclaimed on four of the five continents, we strived to continue developing innovative promotional products on a quarterly basis, and acting as a leader in terms of innovative ideas and Research & Development.

Coca Cola® Octopus - Foldable plastic 6 cups holder

UCT (Asia) invented, designed and patented a foldable plastic 6 cups holder to solve the dilemma of the ''guy responsible to get drinks for the group''. Be it in football games, festivals, concerts or simply at the office, the Octopus is an outstanding product, which has made us known across all markets, and has been copied since by many.

Hendricks® Cucumber Curling Apparatus / Hendricks Cucumber Slicer

UCT (Asia) developed the iconic Cucumber Slicer, made from ceramic and Acrylic. Our in-house engineering and designer team developed the concept, the 3D model, the 3D printed prototypes and went into a very large scale production, this item being sold as an on pack in most Duty Free Shops and Wine and Liquor shops globally.

Bavaria® Beer Tower

UCT (Asia) designs, patents and manufactures custom beer towers and liquor dispensers since many years. We offer solid and functional designs and enable large savings, as we know that breweries need outstanding POSM but keep the tighter marketing budgets in mind.

Coca Cola® Drink Clip

UCT (Asia) developed, designed and patented a Drink Clip to help customers on the go to carry their preferred PET bottle with them. Whether on a festival, concert or simply while commuting, the drink clip is the perfect giveaway solution: functional, low price point and different.

Market Leading Prototype Facilities

Backed up by our own Prototyping facility, we ensure constant innovation for our clients.

We are proud, through our in-house design studio, to assist our clients with working on the futuristic designs of the next year’s Point of Sale Merchandise for most beer brands.

If you are looking for something more bespoke, do not hesitate to get in touch about your project.

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