Sourcing Agency in India

Finding the ideal sourcing agency in India is much easier said than done and something that requires careful consideration. You want to work with a reliable company that has a wealth of experience and connections in the region, while also sharing similar ethics to your own.

India has recently emerged as one of the fastest growing economies and is forecast to become one of the top three economic powers in the world over the next decade or so (due to its strong partnerships and a robust, ever-evolving democracy). This makes now a very good time to start building some solid vendor relationships.
India is most renowned for its garment and stainless steel factories, as well as IT and telecommunications services. Of course, if you are looking to source quality garments or other products, you want to ensure that you are working with vendors that uphold the very highest standards and treat their employees with the utmost respect. This is where we come in: at UCT Asia, we will only work with the most trusted and reputable vendors!

Profit from the expertise of an established sourcing agency in India


The good news is that at UCT Asia, we are in a very strong position to help you gain access to a wide variety of superior products at some game-changing prices.

But why choose India? And how can working with UCT Asia benefit your business?

The good news is that at UCT Asia, we are in a very strong position to help you gain access to a wide variety of superior products at some game-changing prices.
But why choose India? And how can working with UCT Asia benefit your business?

The primary benefit of sourcing products from India is just how cheap the labour is. While there have been plenty of ethical scandals surrounding the conditions of many production facilities in India over the years, there are so many upstanding manufacturers that treat their employees exceptionally well – enabling you to save a serious amount of money on production, without causing any unnecessary harm. Again, this is something that we at UCT Asia prioritise, so if you want to work with the finest and most ethical vendors in India, we can help you find them.


The most common mistakes to avoid

Working with an established product sourcing agency in India can help you in a great number of ways. Namely, avoiding the following common ‘teething’ issues:


Working with inequitable vendors

most businesses are conscious of sourcing products from India due to the poor reputation surrounding the clothing industry and the conditions of certain production facilities. Rest assured that when working with UCT Asia, you will only be dealing with the most reputable and ethical vendors in the industry. No exceptions.


Unrealistic pricing

We will help you to secure the best possible deals when sourcing products in India.


Not having a pre-shipment plan in place:

having a pre-shipment plan is an essentiality. We can make sure that all of the products are of the highest quality and in the correct quantity before they are shipped, thus avoiding any unnecessary logistical issues.


Making the assumption that the vendor understands your needs

the language barrier in any foreign economy can prove troublesome when communicating key strategies. For example, it’s not uncommon for products to turn up in different colours and/or dimensions with key features missing before communications between both parties were not 100% clear. UCT Asia can help you avoid this with our multi-lingual employees.


Not testing products before committing to a vendor

it’s not uncommon for foreign investors to get excited by the low prices and neglect to test the quality of the product. At UCT Asia, we can ensure that all of your products are thoroughly tested for quality purposes before you sign off on any commitments.

Why choose us as your sourcing agent in India?

  • Multiple offices across Asia
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • A thorough understanding of culture and local etiquette when doing business
  • Local market and product knowledge
  • We can connect you with the finest and most trustworthy partners
  • We can review the record of potential distributors before committing to contracts
  • Ensure that your product specs and quality expectations are met
  • A heavy focus on customer-service
  • We are dedicated to conducting business fairly and with the utmost transparency
  • Quality of product is important to us
  • Round-the-clock support
  • An emphasis on cost-savings
  • Driven by long-term relationships
  • Internationally recognised
  • A portfolio of world-renowned clients.
  • We ensure that all of our clients receive the proper and relevant documentation throughout the entire shipping process (i.e., Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation Certificate, an accurate and detailed packing list, and any other necessary documentation as required or requested by you)

Work with one of the most reputable product sourcing agencies in India, today

UCT Asia can act as the bridge that connects you to profitable sourcing in India’s rapidly expanding economy.
The entire overseas sourcing process can get incredibly complicated – particularly without multi-lingual staff with the relevant connections – however, we make it look easy!
If you want to know more about how we can help you, we invite you to contact us today for a free consultation.