Estrella Damm Napkin Holders and Dispensers

Estrella Damm Napkin Holders and Dispensers


Experience the perfect blend of quality and functionality with our GH. Mumm Custom Branded Champagne buckets.Crafted from premium steel material,Ideal for both home and commercial use, they add a touch of sophistication to any bar setting.


Key Features:

Napkin Dispenser Holder Tabletop 

Suits: Cafe, Restaurant, ice cream bar etc 

Chrome and cream retro/vintage looks

Comes with 1ply kraft brown 500/2500 napkins to suit dispenser

Napkins also available on seperate listing



Affordable range:$19.73 – $39.49


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

“Q: Do you supply boxes and labels?

 A: Yes, we have many cooperated box manufactories. We can supply boxes and labels, if needed.”


Client Reviews: 


“Product itself takes a while to get used to…. but the packaging and description was accurate and the shipping was fast. Great job”


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