Just as it’s important for retailers to find affordable and innovative ways to make their products stand out to the customer, distillers, brewers, and bars / nightclubs must take a similarly creative approach.

The importance of arousing desire and curiosity among consumers is not to be snuffed at and the clever utilisation of custom-designed glorifiers is a highly effective way to go about it.

If you are interested in making your products stand out from the crowd using effective product advertisement at a fair and affordable price, then we invite you to explore our bespoke glorifiers further.

What is a glorifier?

So, what exactly is a glorifier? As the name suggests, glorifiers are all about…well, making a product stand out and appear to be more glorious! Such innovative countertop display units are most often used to promote luxury cosmetic products of premium liquor and beer.

For example, in a cosmetic store that sells makeup and perfume, a glorifier is often used to promote a new, trending product, with flashy and aesthetically charming displays that draw attention to the fact that it is a ‘product worthy of note’.

Similarly, in a pub, brewery, or retail store, glorifiers can be used to showcase certain beverages and make them stand out from the rest of the competition. These displays can be placed everywhere, whether it be at the PoS in a bar, or at the end of an aisle in a liquor store.

Why invest in bespoke glorifiers for your store?


If you have some premium products that you’d like to push harder, or new promotional items that you wish to show off, glorifiers are highly effective at arousing interest and encouraging customers to make impulse purchases.

The fact is, if you stock some expensive products that you are struggling to shift, it could be because their current display doesn’t demonstrate their superiority.

For example: if you’ve got an $80-dollar bottle of whiskey next to a $16-dollar bottle of whiskey on a bland and otherwise boring display unit, most people are going to roll with the cheaper option. Without any clear distinction between the two bottles, why should the customer feel compelled to spend a premium?

If, however, that $80-dollar bottle of whiskey is displayed on its very own, lavish glorifier with exceptional branding, opulent design, and compelling sales copy that makes the product practically irresistible, you’ll be far more likely to sell it.

Again, it’s about meeting expectations and saying: “This product is worth every penny! Look, it’s so special that it has its very own personal display!”.

As humans, we are hard-wired to be drawn to the out of the ordinary and can’t help but desire the ‘forbidden fruits’ of the perceived high life.

What are the benefits that custom-made glorifiers can offer?

Now that you better understand what glorifiers are and what their function is, what other benefits can they offer?

  • Glorifiers double up as ‘impulse units’, and can be placed in strategic locations (such as the PoS), to encourage customers to make last-minute impulse purchasing decisions.
  • Increase the sales of premium ‘hard to shift’ items by glorifying them and make the product more attractive to customers.
  • Glorifiers can be used to promote new products and sales items.
  • With UCT Asia, we can provide you with fully unique, custom-designed glorifiers with exceptional branding, a wide variety of materials, and tailor made dimensions.
  • They are light-weight and easy to move around you store – including transportation to expos and promotional events.
  • Detailed information can be provided on the countertop display units.
  • Can be used to promote a variety of products, from liquor and beer, new soft drinks, perfume bottles, watches, smart phones, and so much more.

Showcase your products in the light they deserve

Glorifiers get their name because, as mentioned above, they are designed to ‘glorify’ your products. For a small investment you can have a branded, custom-designed display unit designed and manufactured for you to show off your newest and best products in the light in which they deserve.

Contact us today and explore our bespoke glorifiers further

If you’d like to learn more about UCT Asia and how our glorifiers can bring great value to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will happily answer any questions that you might have and we can get to work on designing and manufacturing a superior quality glorifier especially for you.