Impulse Units

Contrary to what many people believe, impulse buying isn’t only inspired by internal psychological factors (e.g., some individuals are more prone to making rash financial decisions than others), but are also influenced by a wide variety of external stimuli as well.

Simply put, no matter how ‘sensible’ a shopper may believe themselves to be, few people are able to resist temptation when a product is displayed in a premium quality and exceptionally well-designed impulse unit. But, what are impulse units and how can they benefit for your business? On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know…

What is an impulse unit?

Impulse units, or point of sale merchandise units, are display stands that are intended to attract the attention of a certain type of buyer: those who are prone to make impulse purchases. These are most often strategically located at the point of purchase in a retail store, however, depending on the product, they can be placed elsewhere – with the intention of encouraging people to buy on the spot. A great example of this is having an impulse unit filled with bookmarks at the check-out in a bookstore.

Impulse Display

So, why should you invest in bespoke impulse units of your own? Can they make that much of an impact on customer psychology?

The fact is, in the US alone, the average shopper spends at least $5,400 a year on impulse purchases, such as food, clothing, and other household items. We all experience the sudden urge to buy something now and again – and it’s often something we definitely hadn’t planned for.

The main causes for this often powerful and irresistible urge to make a purchase are both quality advertising and excellent timing! Both of which can be achieved using custom-designed impulse units (with the right message and correct placement in your store).

In essence, when paired with expert design, quality branding, and a well-written marketing message, many of your customers will feel compelled to make an additional, impulse purchase when they visit your store and chance upon your impulse displays.

  • You can use impulse units for multiple placements throughout the store.
  • Impulse units can be placed in cross-selling aisles to make logical joint purchases.

What are the benefits of impulse units?

Now that you have a clearer idea as to what impulse units are and how they function, what other benefits can they offer you?

  • They encourage customers to make impulse purchases – whether at the PoS or placed at the end of an aisle.
  • Impulse units can significantly increase sales when utilised in complimentary areas.
  • They’re highly effective at attracting attention thus creating greater brand awareness and recognition – perfect for new product launches and promotions.
  • Available in a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs. At UCT Asia, your impulse units can be highly customised and tailored to fit your needs and requirements.
  • They’re flexible and can be designed to fit a variety of products.
  • Showcase your products with high-quality digital prints.
  • Can be made available in either single and multiple tiers for additional product placements.
  • Header boards can be used to communicate marketing messages with expertly crafted, branded copy.
  • Impulse units can be utilised to push products that you are struggling to shift or to draw attention to premium products / promotional items.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, making it very easy to shift them around the store and split-test strategic locations.

Tap into the mind of your target audience

In order to create the most effective impulse units, the team at UCT Asia are well-versed in customer psychology. When designing your impulse units, we will pay close attention to the specific products you are trying to push with a focus on the ideal customer that is likely to make a purchase. With this information we will design and manufacture a highly specialised impulse unit with the following in mind:

  • Sensation seeking.
  • Impulse buying tendencies.
  • Self-identity.
  • Motive.
  • Emotion.

In other words, what drives your ideal customer to make a purchase, and how can we stimulate those feelings and emotions through the power of quality copywriting and exceptional graphic design?

Contact us today for more information on our bespoke impulse units

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