UCT (Asia):
For Global Procurement Agencies.

UCT (Asia):

Branded Merchandise Designed, Manufactured and Delivered. Anywhere.

UCT (Asia) is an Asian-based Procurement Agency, specialized in supplying Point of Sales Merchandise, POS Displays, Serving Materials, On-Packs, Loyalty Gifts, Promotional Items, Giveaways, Corporate Gifts, Retail Items and Printed Materials to the leading Marketing, Procurement and Fulfillment agencies, worldwide.

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Procurement Consultant to Procurement Agencies across Asia


As a professional procurement agency, UCT (Asia) is able to source and obtain a wide range of merchandise, paraphernalia and other products for you. Whether you are looking for loyalty gifts, corporate promotional items or simply just items to sell in your stores, then we can supply it for you. Just let us know what it is that you need or want, and we will do the rest for you. From design, sourcing, production, legal and distribution, UCT (Asia) will deal with everything, helping you focus on the running of your business.


With locations in Shenzhen, Ningbo and Bangkok, UCT (Asia) is a procurement company Thailand and China-based. This gives us the ideal location from which to serve our clients in Thailand, China and the rest of Asia. Close to easily accessible and modern transport infrastructure, we are in a prime spot for distribution to the rest of the region, and further afield.


UCT (Asia) has been in operation since 2003, so we have the experience and know how to get just what you want. As a subcontractor for some of the world’s largest promotional companies, we are a sourcing company with contacts with some of the biggest names in the business. UCT (Asia) also has extensive knowledge and experience in the drinks, food, hospitality and tobacco industries and are also willing and able to aid in the procurement of a wide range of products.


UCT (Asia) is fully equipped to design and produce pretty much anything that you could need in-house. With our own modern design studio and highly trained and experienced design staff, we are a procurement consultant that can bring you products and merchandise that is tailor-made for your needs. In addition, our expert merchandisers excel in understanding how certain products can be promoted, and how they can help promote your organisation.


Sourcing Agent with it’s finger on the pulse.


At UCT (Asia), we also have our own research and development centre that allows us to try out new ideas for innovative products that help break the mould. With our own fully equipped production facilities, we are able to ensure first hand that all products are made to high-quality standards. With a focus on innovation and quality, UCT (Asia) is a procurement agency Bangkok that will deliver merchandise and other products that you will be proud to be associated with.


In addition to supplying you with quality, innovative merchandise, UCT (Asia) also strives to be one of the most reliable procurement companies that you could hope to do business with. We understand the importance of deadlines and will help ensure that your products are with you on time, every time. Our staff are also trained to act in a professional and courteous manner at all times, helping to make us a pleasure to do business with. We also place an emphasis on strict quality control and aim to offer competitive pricing to our clients.


Whether you are looking for business promotional items or any other type of product, we will maintain a focus on ethics throughout the procedure. Our in-house legal department is well aware of all laws and will ensure that everything is done according to local laws and regulations. We strive to always act according to our corporate social responsibility and will ensure the best ethical practices are followed at all times. We also have an in-house team that will regularly audit our supply chain to ensure that we promote good ethical practices.

Fully Integrated and high level product expertise

UCT (Asia) is incorporated since 2003 and boasts an integrated product design studio, a prototyping and R&D center, production facilities, merchandisers and engineers. Every employee and management has a proven track record and solid knowledge about marketing, trade and production.


We own production workshops fully or partially, and operate others in a way that guarantees you strict quality, extensive control and highly competitive prices.
We have merchandisers in our three main offices (Shenzhen, Ningbo and Bangkok), but also have merchandiser implants directly within our factories.
UCT can produce and source everything, everywhere.


At UCT (Asia), we ensure that everyone complies with honesty and integrity.
We strive to innovate, and propose you advanced merchandising solutions and products.
We comply with laws, regulations, marks, ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility is at the center of our attention.
We commit to respect product and service quality, delivery dates, competitive pricing.
We have always been, and will always remain flexible towards our clients and partners.










Through our clients (promotional companies and leading procurement agencies), we are proud to produce every day the best, for he best. We have our own prototyping workshop, featuring laser printers, CNC machines for wood, acrylic and metal, spray painting tunnel, pad print, silk screen print and transfer print machines. We have our own CNC Metal workshop for mass productions, as well as our own wooden workshop. both in Shenzhen, China. We have a joint venture in a mold making and Plastic Injection workshop in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.

Bespoke: Our Key Accounts, Merchandisers and Quality Controllers will make any production happen for you, out of Vietnam, India, China, Cambodia and Thailand. If we haven’t done it yet. we will make it happen.

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UCT Absolut-Elyx-Sales-Kit-550x498

Absolut Elyx Sales Kit

UCT camus2-550x496

Camus Cognac Duty Free VAP

UCT Heineken-Snack-Bowl-2-550x498

Heineken Snack Bowl

UCT Strongbow-LED-bottle-glorifier-1-550x498

Strongbow LED bottle glorifier

UCT Strongbow-serving-tray-550x498

Strongbow serving tray

UCT Leffe-LED-bottle-display-550x498

Leffe LED bottle display

Our Services

UCT (Asia) offers turnkey solutions for the design and supply of branded merchandise and marketing materials.
Through our four offices, and through our network of distributors, worldwide, we can help you invent products, engineer them, design them, revamp and improve them, produce prototypes, go to mass production, package them, inspect their quality, organize the logistics, import them in the country of destination, protect their industrial property, and assist on their global distribution.


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Sourcing Platform0

Merchandising and Mass Production0

Quality Inspection and Product Testing / Certification0

Fulfillment and Logistics0

Legal Department (Patents and NDAs)0


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