Product Displays

At UCT Asia, we have a long history of designing and manufacturing premium quality product display units. From gondola displays to glorifiers, we can create awe-inspiring displays for you to showcase your products and ultimately increase your sales. But, what are the various types of product display units and how do they differentiate? Is it really that important to invest so much thought and effort into creating quality, branded displays? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are the various types of product display units?

From POSM displays, to shelf talkers, there are many different modes of product display that can be utilised for promotional purposes, such as:

Countertop display units, as the name suggests, are typically placed on PoS countertops. So, for example, in a coffee shop setting, a CTU might be utilised to sell baked goods or sweets near the counter, so that customers collecting their coffee might be tempted to spend some extra money on a treat.

FDSU’s are free standing display units that can be utilised in a wide variety of settings, often at the end of a product aisle in a retail store. For example, during the summer months, at the end of an aisle selling alcohol, an FDSU could be used to promote wine coolers, picnic baskets, or disposable barbeques to encourage customers to combine their purchases.

A gondola aisle display unit it a shelving display that has two sides. These units are ideal for forming aisles and islands in your store and using them as attractive and eye-catching, free-standing units that promote a certain product, while attracting the customer’s attention.

Impulse units (aka point of sale merchandise units), are display stands that are designed to attract the attention of a certain type of buyer: those who are prone to make impulse purchases. These are most often strategically located at the point of purchase in a retail store, however, depending on the product, they can be placed elsewhere – with the intention of encouraging people to buy on the spot. A great example of this is having an impulse unit filled with bookmarks at the check-out in a bookstore.

Product glorifier units are innovative countertop display units that are often used to promote luxury products. For example, in a cosmetic store that sells makeup and perfume, a glorifier is often used to promote a new, trending product, with flashy and aesthetically charming displays that draw attention to the fact that it is a ‘product worthy of note’.

Display cases are highly effective marketing tools as they create a sense of ‘the forbidden goods’. Just as the Crown Jewels are kept in a secure display case in the Tower of London, any product that sits behind glass is bound to attract attention from prospective buyers.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of product display options for you to choose from, but these are merely the tip of the iceberg. There is no limit to creativity and one thing that we excel in at UCT Asia is designing and manufacturing unique and eye-popping display units that are both functional and aesthetically stunning. Whatever your goals are, we can help you settle on the perfect display unit style – then conjure a design that is authentic and really sets you apart from the competition.

Why are product display units so important?

If you aren’t quite convinced about the importance of quality shopping stands, we have a few statistics that might interest you…

bubble tea cushion pink strawberry - Promotional Product Marketing

The fact is, consumers have very short attention spans. This means that retailers, on average, have 8 seconds to grab the average shopper’s attention! Only 8 seconds!

Not only that, but displays are an important component of any in-store experience because by utilising visuals, retailers are able to significantly improve message retention. In other words, if you want to make a statement and encourage prospective customers to not only take notice of a certain product and feel inclined to purchase it, but remember it as well, then a unique and well-optimised display is paramount.

Furthermore, in the US alone, over 40% of purchase are purely made on impulse. Do not underestimate the power of a well-designed display stand that brings your brand to life and—more importantly—highlights the ‘must have’ nature of your products.

Premium quality materials for premium quality products

If you are looking for a cheap and easy cardboard display unit, then you’ve come to the wrong place; at UCT Asia, we only use the finest materials for our product displays. We are well-versed in working with some of the biggest brands in the world and we firmly believe that any high-quality product needs a high-quality display unit to go with it!

Aesthetics is everything when it comes to shopping. In fact, there are studies that have been carried out to break down how the 5 human senses process information during the retail and product purchasing journey:

83.0% – Sight

11.0% – Hearing

03.5% – Smell

01.5% – Touch

01.0% – Taste

As you can see, sight wins with an overwhelming majority. As such, having a visually appealing display unit to house your products is practically an essentiality.

Why choose UCT Asia to design and manufacture your product displays?

Over the years we have established a solid reputation for designing and creating some of the finest product display units available. We have a proven track record for building display units that exceed all expectation and drive up sales.

  • Fully integrated and high-level product expertise
  • Solid manufacturing and sourcing capabilities
  • Integrity, innovation, compliance, commitment, and flexibility; these are our core values.

Our marketing strategists work closely with our design and manufacturing team in order to create the finest products available. The fact is, in order to capture your brand message and resonate with your target audience on an emotional level, there’s much work to be done. Here’s a final look at some of the ways in which we can optimise your displays to increase sales and bolster brand awareness:

  • Immersive displays
  • Encourage people to physically engage with your products
  • Consider the potential for cross-purchasing
  • Well-lit displays
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Clear and aesthetically alluring signage
  • Incorporate colour psychology with branding
  • Roll with the reasons
  • Localise where necessary
  • Utilise technology where beneficial.

Want to know more how UCT Asia can help you create some incredible product display units?

If you’d like to find out more about how we operate and the ways in which our custom product display unit manufacturing can greatly benefit your business, then please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation.

We’ll spend some time getting to know your brand and product, what your goals are, and who your ideal target audience is. Then, combining our wealth of experience and expertise with your own valuable input, we’ll create a product display that will exceed all expectation and—more importantly—highlight your products in a way that will make them irresistible to your ideal customer.