Ardbeg Stands Out with its Exceptional Bottle Glorifier POS Display in Hong Kong

Indeed, the alcohol industry has been on a steady rise for years. Consequently, the competition level in the industry keeps booming at an extreme rate. Hence, to attract attention to your brand, there’s little or no room for mediocrity in your marketing strategy.

On our recent visit to Hong Kong, we sighted this in-store display that instantly caught our attention. Ardbeg, in its recent marketing campaign, proves they’re well ahead of many others with its exceptional bottle glorifier Point-of-Sales display.

What Makes Ardbeg’s Exceptional Bottle Glorifier a Stand-Out POS Display?

We took a closer look at the display and why it attracted our attention so easily and came up with 4 remarkable lessons.

1.   Arouses Curiosity

The bottle glorifier display evokes curiosity, which is essential for attraction. On sighting it, shoppers will naturally want to see if the rocks are real. This was cleverly planned by Ardbeg as they used Polyresin to make rocks to attract shoppers to the display.

Furthermore, the rocks and the top design of the display stimulate a real feeling of nature.

2.   Showcases Brand Colour

Colour is an important aspect of branding and marketing. Also, when designing your POP display, colours play a crucial role, because it’s one of the first points of identification and can influence consumer behaviour.

Ardbeg showcases its brand colour scheme of black and gold in this brilliant POP display. This ensures easier recognition by regular customers even from a distance.

Furthermore, colours can provoke certain emotions and moods which can steer decision-making. In line with this, the combination of Ardbeg’s gold which is a symbol of luxury, and black which stands for power and elegance essentially communicate the sophistication of the brand and its products.

3.   Increases Sales

Visual merchandising leaves an impact on every potential customer. So, to improve sales, you have to invest in outstanding marketing strategies. Elegant displays like this exceptional bottle glorifier POP display can convert passersby to customers and entice them to make impulse purchases.

4.   Displayed at Eye Level

A simple rule of thumb in product displaying is to display your product at eye level. This ensures shoppers won’t have to bend or stretch to get a look at your products. We love how this POP display is designed to stand out and be accessible to shoppers.

To Conclude,

Ardbeg’s combination of colour and decoration around the in-store bottle display stand and the LED screen all work together to draw the needed attraction to the product and the brand. Also, the bottle display stand can be used to showcase the brand’s history through other products.

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