Clever Ideas for Marketing your Brand

Clever Tips & Ideas for promotional products and marketing your brand

Are you looking for a sourcing agent in China? A reputable and reliable company that can assist you with all of your promotional products and marketing requirements? Well, one thing is for certain; you’re not in short supply. The difference is finding someone that you can truly rely on. We are a long-established product sourcing agent in China and have been operating in 2003. Naturally, with 15 years’ experience, we’ve picked up a number of tricks along the way. In fact, each of our Chinese product sourcing agents has a significant amount of experience and are wholeheartedly passionate about promotions, marketing and helping brands create the best possible campaigns.

That being said; it’s not just about experience & passion, but vision. It’s about being able to stray from the beaten path and dare to try new things. To be bold and bright when creating promotional products for all manner of businesses and brands.

In this post we are going to share our vision with you and give you some creative and exciting ideas for your next promotional product.

1 – Promotional Mobile Phone Related Products

Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? It’s very rare that you find someone without, and as a business, – your customers mobile phones are your best shot at reaching them with your products and services. But we’re not just talking about simply running an effective online marketing & SEO campaign; We’re talking about creating promotional products that your audience can use for their phones.

A protective phone cover perhaps? Be the shield that protects your customers prized possession and follow them wherever they go. Or alternatively, what about promotional phone charging cables? How often do people complain about their phone’s running out of battery, or their chargers breaking? When it comes to creating promotional products for advertising purposes you must be bold with your decision-making process. Make a statement!

2 – Make it Regional or seasonal (Or both)

In China, a clever product sourcing agent would recommend promotional items that can serve your audience well. Let’s look at the monsoon season perhaps? If you’re running a campaign in April and May, why not try offering a promotional umbrella? The rains will come but people will very much have to go about their days regardless, – be the brand that shelters them from the rain!

Think regional as well. What will your target audience in Australia favour? Or Great Britain perhaps? Do your research, get to know your audience and you’ll certainly come up with some awesome and creative ideas!

3 – Who doesn’t love a nice pair of socks?

Promotional garments and items of clothing are always a great approach as well. Consider a pair of socks for example: it’s a cute, comfortable and charming novelty promotional product which people will almost certainly hold on to. You can never have too many socks, and if they’re comfortable, top-quality and they have an attractive design, your customers will wear them all of the time!

Of course, you’ll want the socks made so that your brand logo will be on display and invariably people will ask: “Are you wearing ‘such & such’ socks?” To which they’ll reply: “Heck yea, I love them, they’re so cosy!” – This is positive reinforcement across the board, which is the overall goal with promotional products. The difference is, what message would you like to convey? Are you the cosy socks? The convenient lanyard? Or the trusty flip-flops?

4 – Sweeten the deal with corporate gifts

If you are genuinely looking for a new sourcing agent in China, then we’d highly recommend sending us a lovely hamper full of gifts and perhaps we’ll sort you out with a nice deal. All joking aside of course, but that is something that we would recommend if you want to build strong corporate relationships. It’s about going above and beyond and sending more than just a generic Christmas card. You shouldn’t only endeavour to build trust and loyalty with your customers, but with your corporate partners as well. This helps to maintain those mutually beneficial and financially viable partnerships in the future, securing your business even further.


Get everybody involved with the initial process. Remember that all of your employees are consumers to one degree or another so why not seek their feedback and input? When you host your regular meetings, perhaps address the room and see if everyone can bounce some ideas around? You might come up short, though there could well be some truly innovative and exciting ideas that could transform your next marketing campaign.

If you are in need of a product sourcing agent in China, look no further. We have a wealth of experience and are always happy to help new clients and customers. Simply get in touch with us today, at your convenience. Best of luck!

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