Glen’s Football-inspired Merchandise and Cash Prizes Bring Excitement to Shoppers Across Scotland!

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You’re looking for innovative ways to engage your customers and boost sales, aren’t you? You’re looking for a marketing strategy that taps into a shared passion and ignites friendly competition, right?

Well, look no further than Glen’s Vodka‘s recent “Golden Goal” campaign. This clever promotion, inspired by football, the sport loved by many, serves as a blueprint for businesses seeking to spark excitement and brand loyalty. So you’re in the right place!

Glen’s Vodka, owned by the Loch Lomond Group, understands the power of connecting with its customers on a deeper level. Their “Golden Goal” campaign creates an immersive experience that celebrates the beautiful game and rewards fans for their passion.

The interactive concept allows customers to participate in a “scan-to-play” online game, cleverly reinterpreting the classic “Spot the Ball” competition with a modern twist. Here’s where the excitement truly kicks in – shoppers have the chance to test their football skills and win a range of enticing prizes, from instant cash rewards of £10 to a grand prize of £1,000! Interesting, right?

4 Marketing Lessons to Learn from This Campaign

Do you want to tap from the lessons in this campaign? Come along as we explore these five key takeaways from Glen’s “Golden Goal” promotion:

1. Tap into a Shared Passion: The campaign cleverly capitalises on the immense popularity of football in Scotland. By aligning your brand with a shared passion, you instantly forge an emotional connection with your target audience.

Think about the interests and hobbies of your customer base – could you leverage their enthusiasm to create a similar engaging campaign?

2. The Power of Exclusive Merchandise: Limited-edition bottles and the exclusive “Glen’s Away Day Kit” offered as a top prize create a sense of collectability and exclusivity. This compels customers to participate and drives sales, while also promoting brand loyalty and advocacy.

Consider offering limited-edition merchandise or experiences tied to your brand to create a similar buzz.

3. Amplify Your Reach with Multi-Channel Marketing: Glen’s campaign effectively utilises a multi-channel approach to reach a wider audience.  Limited-edition bottles on shelves, coupled with out-of-home advertising and strategic digital marketing, ensure maximum visibility and brand awareness.

Think about how you can best utilise various marketing channels to reach your target audience effectively.

4. Building Relationships and Collecting Data:  By encouraging participation through a scan-to-play format, Glen’s gathers valuable customer data. This data can then be used to personalise future marketing efforts, create targeted promotions, and build stronger customer relationships.

Consider how you can leverage technology to collect data and enhance customer engagement.


If you want to emulate the success of this promo, then you need to understand the power of shared passions, gamification, and exclusive merchandise. Strategically planning and integrating these elements can help you to create a winning campaign that moves your business forward.

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