L’Oréal Paris’s Futuristic Science-Themed Pop-Up at King Power Srivaree in Bangkok!

Our team stumbled upon it. This cutting-edge science and beauty innovation. And they didn’t see it coming. 

Why? Because it wasn’t hidden in a research lab or showcased through a traditional marketing campaign. It was right there in the heart of Bangkok, a fascinating one-of-a-kind experience for travellers. We’re talking about L’Oréal Paris’ phenomenal pop-up store at King Power Srivaree. This pop-up store is proof of the power of merging science, beauty, and immersive marketing.

Thrilled? Here’s a glimpse into what makes this pop-up such a success, packed with inspiration if you’re looking to improve your marketing strategies.

4 Things We Love About This Pop-Up Experience

1. Interactive Activities: Educating While Entertaining

L’Oréal Paris understood that simply displaying their products wouldn’t suffice. They designed interactive activities that not only entertained customers but also educated them about the science behind the Revitalift Filler Eye Cream for Face. These playful, interactive activities were designed to inform customers about the product’s benefits. However, it didn’t just stop at that; it also made learning enjoyable for them.

Imagine replicating this concept for your brand! Develop a game that showcases the unique selling points of your product or service in a way that’s both informative and entertaining.

2. A Captivating Theme

The pop-up’s design transformed the space into a futuristic science laboratory. This theme not only aligned perfectly with L’Oréal Paris’s focus on scientific innovation in their products, but it also piqued customer curiosity. Imagine the impact! Walking into a space filled with beakers, flasks, and other laboratory equipment instantly creates a sense of intrigue and sets the stage for an educational and engaging experience.

3. A Social-Media Worthy Experience

The pop-up offered several opportunities for customers to capture shareable moments. The life-sized replica of the eye cream bottle and the infinity mirror installation provided perfect backdrops for social media-worthy photos.  This opportunity not only encourages customers to share their experiences online, but it also subtly reinforces brand recognition and product identity. 

Consider incorporating a similar photo opportunity into your next marketing campaign.  Think of unique backdrops, interactive elements, and props that not only create a fun experience but also subtly promote your brand.

4. Exclusive Rewards

L’Oréal Paris went the extra mile by rewarding customers for their participation. Completing the mobile game earned visitors an exclusive gift bag, and every purchase included a limited-edition beach towel and travel set.  These incentives added value to the customer experience and also encouraged product exploration and purchase.


L’Oréal Paris’s pop-up at King Power Srivaree successfully showcased their commitment to innovation and customer engagement. This creative marketing strategy demonstrates the power of interactive experiences in capturing attention, educating consumers, and ultimately driving sales.

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