Make your Brand Stand out – Premium Branded Merchandise to Boost your Brand

Are you hoping to try and make your brand stand out a bit more? Are you incredibly proud of your brand and products/services, but worry that you aren’t getting quite as much recognition as it deserves? If so, then we may have just the solution for you: using premium branded merchandise to boost your brand awareness.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the ways in which using branded merchandise can be instrumental in taking your brand from where it currently sits to much greater heights!

Why is branded merchandise so important?

Printed merchandise with your logo is awesome for building the overall brand awareness. But not only that, branded merchandise is also amazing for promoting products, services, and up-coming events.

When you have brand-followers proudly wearing your t-shirts, using your pens, and drinking from your mugs, they are also promoting your brand and the future events to everyone they come across. They become your personal advocates and that is a truly powerful thing indeed.

Branched merchandise is important because it gives people ownership of your brand. It makes them feel a part of the movement and feel a deeper connection to your business, products/services, and what you stand for.

What makes promotional products so effective?

There are a number of reasons why promotional products are so effective for boosting brand awareness. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Premium branded merchandise resonates with customers: All companies that want consumers to be well-aware of their brand must use branded merchandise. In fact, businesses that use promotional items significantly increase the likelihood of being remembered by customers. There’s nothing quite like a physical memento to serve as a reminder. 76.2% of people who have received a promotional product in the last two years remember the brand and feel positively toward it.
  • They can help increase sales significantly: Using promotional items is a great way of increasing your sales. In fact, over 52% of people who receive promotional products end up doing business with the original business. That might not seem like a big number, but when you consider the cost of a promotional product against the price of your products or services, it’s very lucrative indeed.  
  • They make an excellent first impression: People love free, useful items. In fact, if you provide consumers with free, handy items with your brand on it, they will be much more open to using your products in the future.
  • Broaden your reach: The power of promotional items in terms of advertising is not to be snuffed at. In fact, every time a consumer receives and uses a promotional product, 55% of them will keep it for over a year. In that time, how many other potential customers are exposed to your brand?
  • It’s cost-effective: Promotional items are incredibly cheap considering how much brand exposure they provide. These are some of the most cost-effective advertising solutions that any business can ask for.
  • Consumers love them: Again, people love free stuff! In fact, over 83% of American consumers have admitted that they like received promotional items. If said items are practical and useful, then they will be kept around, thus increasing your exposure and brand awareness.

How to use promotional products to boost your brand?

The process is simple: using clever and innovating promotional products, you can provide potential consumers with a service. Even if it’s a coffee mug, there’s a good chance that that mug will be used time and time again, whether at home or in the office. That is a huge advertising tool that can be leveraged to put your brand in front of many different prospective customers.

Stand out and innovate

One of the main benefits of working with UCT Asia, is the fact that you get to leverage our prototyping ability. In other words, we can try and test various branded products before committing and mass-producing a certain style of product. That, and over the years, we have built up a solid reputation for designing fresh, exciting, and innovating swag!

When you associate a clever product with your brand, and create a truly practical and exciting item that has been tried and tested through multiple prototypes, you significantly increase the odds of securing more business and encouraging consumers to associate your brand with being fresh, useful, and worth having around!