Redefining Duty-Free Shopping: Kiehl’s Skincare Campus Pops Up with Interactive Education and Beauty Raves!  

For a brand that has been creating amazing skincare products for 172 years and rolling out successful marketing campaigns, Kiehl’s has well-earned their respect.

In this post, we’ll once again explore one of their amazing pop-up concepts – Kiehl’s Skincare Campus!

With the Skincare Campus, Kiehl’s is not just trying to sell its products; they’re teaching you all about your skin and how to take care of it. Imagine walking into a duty-free shop and there, there’s a lively, educational skincare campus – a school where you can learn, explore, and discover the best products for you.

 That’s the magic Kiehl’s is bringing this summer with its pop-ups across Hainan, Macau, and Taiwan. Let’s walk through the six exciting zones you’ll find at the campus:

Kiehl’s Heritage Zone

As you enter, you’ll see Professor Bones’ cool motorbike, setting the stage for a fun history lesson. Here, you’ll learn about Kiehl’s amazing 172-year journey in the skincare world.

Kiehl’s Product Lab

Next is the product lab where you’ll meet Professor Bones. He’ll show you how they make some of their best products, like the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. It’s a hands-on way to see the magic behind the products you use. Brilliant idea, right?

Study Hall

What about wanting to know more about your skin? That’s not left out. In the Study Hall, Kiehl’s experts will help you understand your skin’s needs and recommend the best products for you.


Here, you get to take a break and chat with Kiehl’s experts to get a personalized skincare routine. This relaxed setting makes it easy to find the right products for your skin.

Snacks Vending Machine

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Grab a “snack pack” from the vending machine, which includes a Kiehl’s face massager and sample-sized products.

Graffiti Wall

Before you leave, why get the chance to get creative. You can leave your mark on the Graffiti Wall and print a personalized design on a Kiehl’s tote bag. This is such a fun way to take a piece of the experience home with you.

A Grand Opening with a Celebrity Twist

The Skincare Campus had an amazing start at Haikou International Duty Free City, with a special performance by Chinese singer and rapper Wang Zi Yi. The pop-up event also featured a fun skincare talk and ended with a lively brass band parade, creating a festive, university-like vibe.

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