Tribute Brewery’s Game-Changing Rugby Money-Making Strategy: World Cup-Inspired Prizes!

Do you want to increase your rate of sales as well as your brand awareness? Well, look no further! Tribute Brewery has come up with a creative plan to do just that, and it involves everyone’s favorite sport: rugby!

What is this campaign about?

As the Rugby World Cup moved towards the knockout stages, Tribute Brewery teamed up with Activation for their promotion, and boy, is it exciting! The brief was crystal clear: they wanted a campaign that could boost sales and make Tribute Brewery a household name.

Tribute Brewery’s premium pale ale is already a fan favorite, especially during those nail-biting rugby matches. But why stop there? The Rugby World Cup was the perfect opportunity to take things up a notch with a rugby-themed promotion that would have fans cheering for more.

4 Things We Learned from This Strategy

● Timing is Everything

Launching this promotion during the Rugby World Cup was a stroke of genius. It’s no secret that people love to enjoy a cold pint while watching their favorite teams battle it out on the field. Capitalizing on the excitement of the tournament ensured that Tribute Brewery would grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

● Prizes!

What better way to get people excited than by offering some incredible prizes? With a Rugby-themed European City Break for two up for grabs, as well as 300 instant win rugby-themed prizes, including Tribute branded rugby balls and £10 Tribute e-vouchers, this promotion had fans clamoring to get their hands on a piece of the action. Who wouldn’t want to win a trip to a European city or score some awesome rugby gear?

● Easy Entry

One of the keys to a successful promotion is making it easy for people to participate. Tribute Brewery’s promotion couldn’t be simpler: just purchase a promotional 4X500ml pack in-store or order a pint at participating pubs, then upload a few details and unique codes to the specially-built promotional microsite.

With Activation’s ProMotor platform handling the technical side of things, entering the promotion was easy for consumers, ensuring maximum participation and engagement.

● Visibility is Key

Promotional packs hit the shelves and were available throughout the tournament duration, ensuring that consumers had plenty of opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re shopping in-store or enjoying a pint at the pub, you’re sure to come across Tribute Brewery’s promotional packs and pints. After all, who can resist the chance to win some amazing prizes while enjoying a delicious pint of pale ale?

In The End

Tribute Brewery’s game-changing rugby money-making strategy is proof that with the right timing, enticing prizes, easy entry, and maximum visibility, you can score big with your promotions.

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