Why are promotional products so important for brand marketing?

If you’ve been giving some thought to utilising promotional products for your business, then you likely want to know how doing so can benefit you. So, why are promotional products so important for brand marketing? Do they really make an impact? Let’s find out!

Promotional Products as Brand Marketing Tools

Promotional products make excellent brand marketing tools. In fact, if you think about the reach that something as simple as a badge on a customer’s backpack can have, or a coffee mug in the work place, or even a branded t-shirt with your logo on it, then you’ll soon realise just how beneficial promotional products can be.

Help Build Relationships

Promotional products help build relationships. You see, every time a customer uses one of your promotional items, they are engaging with your brand and begin fostering a relationship.

Increase Sales

You can increase sales by offering promotional products. In fact, one marketing study found that 52% of survey respondents who bought a promotional product, ended up doing business with the advertiser. If 1 in 2 people who engage with one of your promotional products go onto purchase your goods and services, then that’s a highly effective approach.

Enhance Customer Experience

Promotional products enhance the customer experience simply by being useful. Let’s say that you give away some promotional pens; every time that a potential customer uses your pen, they are associating your brand with being useful and helping them when they are in need. These subliminal messages not only enhance the customer experience, but can lead to more interaction with your brand in the future.

Create Loyalty

You can inspire loyalty with promotional products. That coffee mug with your logo on it, the one that they brought to work and left in the office for daily use, will soon become their ‘favourite’. It will have associations of their morning coffee and the much needed pick-me-up that helps them kick-start their day. Before long, the potential customer will have strong feelings of loyalty towards your brand and may continue purchasing and or using your services in the future.

Make Customers Feel Special

Promotional products make customers feel special. After all, who doesn’t love receiving free promotional merchandise? A new t-shirt, a coffee mug, a pen, a sticker; whatever it is that you are giving away can make the customer feel extra special.

Receiving gifts makes us feel good. The brain releases a number of different chemicals:

  • Dopamine: a habit forming neurotransmitter that reinforces behaviours based on rewards
  • Oxytocin: associated withcreating bonds and solidifying relationships, allowing us to trust and feel good about others
  • Serotonin: a stress reducer and status driver, delivering feelings of accomplishment and pride

As you can imagine, when a potential customer is given a freebie with your brand all over it, they’re going to have some very positive associations with you, and ultimately feel special for receiving such wonderful goodies!

Give You More Leads

Want more leads? Promotional products can help you achieve exactly that! For example, you can even offer incentives for referrals.

Drive Traffic

Promotional products drive traffic. Certainly, your website isn’t going to be getting a million hits a minute just because you have away some free gifts, but for every person who comes into contact with your promotional products (even if they spot a badge on someone’s backpack on the bus), it may inspire them to research the brand and visit your website—thus turning them into potential customers.

Grow Your Business

Ultimately, promotional products can help you grow your business and take it to greater heights. One t-shirt could end up building your brand awareness for years to come. The reach that certain promotional products can have is huge!

When executed properly, putting out some promotional products can really help you drive your business forward. Again, these changes aren’t always instant, but the numbers don’t lie; companies who embrace and leverage promotional products experience greater success than those who don’t.

With attractive promotional products, coupled with clever marketing, SEO, a strong social media presence, and high-quality content; well, the sky is the limit!


And there we have it! There are many ways in which you can leverage branded merchandise and promotional products to benefit your business.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you require more information, or would like to ask us any questions about our promotional products, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.