Absolut Vodka POS display-Top 8 ways to be creative

Are you tired of seeing the same old POS displays everywhere? Or maybe you just don’t feel inspired by them anymore. Well, here are some ideas on how to spice up your POS displays and turn them into eye-catchers!

When you think of POS displays, what comes to mind? Probably not much. That’s why it’s important to keep things fresh and interesting when designing your POS displays.

Here are eight tips on how to create unique POS displays that will help you stand out from the crowd.

 1. Absolut Vodka

The company found that these displays were effective in increasing sales. They also found that customers liked them because they made ordering easier.

Absolut Vodka has used point-of-sale displays for several years now. The company uses them to increase awareness about the product, and also to drive traffic to stores where they sell the drink. They use different types of displays depending on the location, such as wall mounted displays, table top displays, and floor stands.

2. Smirnoff

The company uses custom point-of-sale displays at bars and restaurants to create memorable experiences for customers. These displays include branded bottles, cans, and cups that are placed strategically throughout the venue. This helps the bar or restaurant attract new customers while also promoting the product.

3. Jameson

Jameson uses its POS displays to keep up with the latest trends in retail technology. The company has developed a unique system for displaying product information at point of sale, which allows retailers to display all relevant product data in one place. This helps customers find what they want faster, while also helping retailers save money by reducing the number of items they need to stock.

Jameson POS display

4. Barcadi

Barcadi’s POS display helps to advertise their products. At UCT(Asia), we have POS displays just like this.Our POS displays are used for all kinds of events such as trade shows, conferences, parties, etc. The best thing about these displays is that they are portable and easy to set up. They also look great!

5. Asahi

The Asahi is a Japanese company that makes the most advanced and high-end POS displays in the world. They have been making POS displays for over 30 years, and they have some of the best displays on the market today. Their displays are used by companies like Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc. to name just a few. Moreover, they recently sponsored the Rugby World Cup 2023 too!

6.Coca Cola

Coca Cola has been on top of the market for years now. Ever wondered why? Their retail merchandise and POS display are one of the key secrets to boosting sales and advertisement.

Coca Cola Custom POS display

Confectionery goods and treats

7. M&M

Have you seen those MnM retail display at the duty section or just in general at the airport? These are used to create brand awareness for MnM and you can do just the same for your brand with our POS displays.


The KitKat bar uses a creative point of sale display to attract attention from consumers. This is done through the use of bright colors, eye catching graphics, and the inclusion of a fun message. The company also has a website where they share information about the product, which includes recipes for making chocolate bars at home. 

Their success in POS displays and marketing campaigns have made them one of the most successful businesses of today. Have a look at their take a breaker campaign.

Final thoughts..

In conclusion, Absolut vodka has been around since 1876 and is still going strong today. They have created many different types of products over the years, but their most popular product is undoubtedly Absolut Vodka. This brand has been known for its high quality and taste, which makes it perfect for any party or event. But did you know that Absolut also offers a variety of promotional items such as posters, mugs, tumblers, pens, key chains, and even stickers? These items are ideal for any type of promotion because they are inexpensive and highly visible. And if you order from us, you will be guaranteed success!

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