Arizona Hard’s Video Store Pop-Up in Toronto: How This Unique Concept Drives Brand Visibility and Loyalty!

Do you remember the excitement of browsing shelves packed with movies in a video store, picking out the perfect one for a Friday night with friends?  Imagine that feeling recreated for a modern audience, but with refreshing hard seltzers and classic arcade games instead.  This is exactly what Arizona Hard achieved with its recent pop-up event in Toronto, and it’s a powerful example of how unique marketing strategies can boost brand visibility and customer loyalty.

For those unfamiliar, Arizona Hard is a brand extension of the beloved Arizona beverage company. They offer a line of hard seltzers that tap into consumers’ sense of nostalgia for the 90s.  This isn’t their first foray into creative marketing – past campaigns have included 90s-style stereographs and even a hugely successful 99-cent bike giveaway.  Their latest concept, however, takes things to a whole new level.

4 Ways This Concept Drives Brand Visibility and Loyalty

So, how exactly did Arizona Hard’s video store pop-up achieve its goals?  Let’s explore five key elements that contributed to its success:

Evoking Powerful Nostalgia

The 90s theme appeals deeply to Millennials, a demographic with significant buying power. Visitors walking through the pop-up complete with VHS tapes and classic arcade games will instantly be transported back to a simpler time. This positive emotional connection will create a sense of warmth and trust towards the Arizona Hard brand.

Creating a Unique and Shareable Experience

One way to tell a perfect pop-up apart is if it offers customers an unforgettable experience. Well, this does! From handcrafted cocktails to period-appropriate games, this pop-up offered something truly unique that people couldn’t find anywhere else. This encouraged visitors to share their experiences on social media, which further amplified the brand’s visibility.

Building Brand Affinity Through Social Responsibility

All proceeds from merchandise and drink sales were donated to Women in Film and TV Toronto. Interesting, right? This move not only showed that the brand supports a worthy cause, it also demonstrated Arizona Hard’s commitment to social responsibility, which gives the brand a positive image and attracts loyalty among customers who value ethical business practices.

Leveraging Earned Media

Arizona Hard understood the power of “earned media,” or positive press coverage generated organically. By tapping into trending topics like nostalgia, they generated massive attention around the event without relying solely on paid advertising.


Arizona Hard’s video store pop-up is a compelling case study for the effectiveness of unique and nostalgic marketing campaigns. Every element in this pop-up combines perfectly to help the brand achieve significant brand visibility and customer loyalty. It is a campaign worthy of emulation!

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