Walker’s Shortbread Lunar New Year-Themed POS and Gift-With-Purchase in London: Promotional Van and Gift Envelopes!

Are you ready to take your brand’s marketing game to the next level this Lunar New Year? Or are you interested in captivating your customers with a unique and culturally immersive experience?  Well, look no further! Walker’s Shortbread has set the stage for an unforgettable Lunar New Year-themed activation at London Gatwick Airport, and you’re invited to be a part of the excitement!

But first, let’s find out more about this brand – Walker’s Shortbread!

Established in 1898, Walker’s Shortbread has cemented its reputation as a premium heritage brand renowned for its delectable shortbread treats. With over a century of expertise in crafting irresistible delights, Walker’s has mastered the art of capturing consumers’ hearts through innovative marketing strategies.

Now, let’s explore how you can leverage Walker’s Shortbread Lunar New Year-themed Point of Sale (POS) and Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) promotions to elevate your brand’s visibility and drive sales.

Immersive Brand Experience

Imagine transforming your retail space into a vibrant celebration of Lunar New Year traditions! Walker’s Shortbread Lunar New Year-themed POS creates an immersive brand experience that resonates with customers on a cultural level. From themed decorations to interactive displays, you can immerse your audience in the joyous spirit of the Year of the Dragon.

Complimentary Samples and Postcards

Walker’s Shortbread engages its customers’ senses with tantalising shortbread samples and beautifully designed postcards. By offering complimentary treats and keepsakes, you not only thrill your customers but also leave a lasting impression of your brand’s generosity and hospitality.

Gift-With-Purchase Incentives

Walker’s Shortbread’s enticing GIft With Purchase incentives encourage purchases and increase average transaction value. Customers who spend over £18 will receive a special gift packet of red envelopes adorned with a golden dragon design—a cherished Lunar New Year tradition symbolising good luck and prosperity.

This thoughtful gesture adds value to the customer’s shopping experience and enhances brand loyalty and repeat business.

Promotional Van Showcase

Walker’s Shortbread’s use of the delivery Van mock-up takes its brand activation to the next level. The delivery van which dates back to a century of years is a replica of Joseph Walker’s original delivery van. The iconic centrepiece serves as a nostalgic tribute to Walker’s heritage and creates a visually compelling focal point that drives foot traffic and generates buzz among passersby.


Walker’s Lunar New Year activation attests to the power of creative and culturally relevant marketing. By infusing their brand story with unique experiences and valuable incentives, they’ve not only boosted sales but also forged lasting connections with customers.

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