Glenfiddich Captures Customers’ Attention with its Staggering POS Display and Stunning Promotional Gift Boxes!

As everyone knows, the retail business is quite competitive, particularly for liquor brands because of the constant influx of new competitors. Therefore, marketing your alcohol brand can be difficult. However, using POS displays is one method to remain ahead of the marketing curve.

Since your in-store retail displays give customers their first impression of your products, point-of-sale displays are in fact an essential part of retail merchandising. Therefore, it is important to invest in them.

Regarding POS displays, an added benefit is that there are many inventive ways to design them. The more creative you are with yours, the better chance of standing out.

Some of the Marketing Lessons from Glenfiddich’s Activation

The recent marketing activation by Glenfiddich, featuring a staggering point-of-sales (POS) display and stunning promotional gift boxes, offers valuable lessons for brands aiming to stand out in a crowded market.

Visual Appeal

The first rule of creating displays is to ensure they’re visually appealing. Glenfiddich’s POS display passed this test with flying colours. At first sight, you’re immediately drawn in.

The key takeaway here is the power of visual appeal. Simple, elegant designs can make a significant impact. Customers are drawn to aesthetically pleasing presentations, thus brands need to invest in visually engaging marketing materials.

Quality Over Quantity

If you want to stand out, investing in quality rather than flooding the market with generic displays is the way to go. This is what Glenfiddich did. They focused on a few impact elements rather than overwhelming customers with an excess of information. The lesson here is that quality materials and thoughtful design make a lasting impression.

Engaging the Senses

Let’s talk about the gift boxes. You know how sensually engaging it is to open a beautifully crafted gift box. Hence, brands should explore ways to appeal not only to the sight through displays but also to touch and even smell.

The take home? Creating a multi-sensory experience improves the brands’ overall perception and leaves a lasting memory.

Customer-Centric Approach

The focus of Glenfiddich’s activation was the customers, not just the product. Brands must adopt a customer-first strategy, getting to know their tastes, needs, and ideal experience. By prioritizing the customer, marketing initiatives are more likely to be embraced by the intended audience.


The marketing activation from Glenfiddich is a masterclass when it comes to capturing customers through thoughtful design and strategic placement. Brands may improve their marketing game by adopting sensory engagement, quality, simplicity, and a customer-centric approach. Glenfiddich’s approach attests to the lasting impact of a well-executed marketing plan in a world where first impressions matter.

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