Longitude 77 Breaks Ground with a Mind-Blowing Design in Delhi: What Sets This Indian Whiskey Apart?

It’s a common belief that opportunities don’t present themselves twice. Whether or not that is entirely true is a story for another time. It is undoubtedly true, however, that opportunities offer themselves to those who are prepared and whisper promises to those brave enough to take the wheel. One such opportunity was the growing Indian whisky market, which was driven by a desire for premium whisky experiences. And with its audacious and unwavering spirit, Longitude 77, making its debut in the travel retail industry, grasped it like a seasoned rider tames a raging bull.

But what exactly makes Longitude 77 the crown jewel of the Indian whisky scene? Let’s explore the hidden secrets behind its captivating appeal.

Factors that Set Longitude 77 Apart:

1.   A Blend of Unexpected Flavours:

The Longitude 77 doesn’t play it safe. Its aroma is a captivating blend of fruity and floral notes that mix with hints of smokey peat and caramel. Rich, woody, and surprisingly soft, with a smooth sweetness that lingers like a treasured memory, each tasting reveals a new depth and leaves you wanting more.

2.   Exceptional Packaging:

Longitude 77’s unique packaging perfectly complements its outstanding contents. The masterpiece that is the bottle design itself attests to the brand’s dedication to quality. The elaborate ornamentation on the glass reflects the diversity of cultures that influence the whiskey’s creation. The carefully crafted label tells a story of the brand’s creativity and legacy.

The exterior packaging is not left out. It is an extension of the identity of the brand. The bottle is housed in an opulent box that is adorned with symbolic features, creating a sense of exclusivity. Longitude 77 is more than simply a whiskey thanks to the materials used and the meticulous attention to detail in the packaging; it’s a work of art that begs to be displayed with pride.

3.   Filling the Void

In the world of high-end Indian whiskies, Longitude 77 shines like a light, meeting the growing demand for premium spirits. Named after the meridian line running through India, the whisky pays homage to the nation’s cultural richness. It smells sweet and flowery with subtle hints of peat smoke and toffee. It is the exact opposite of ordinariness, a rich blend of flavours bottled in a design that shatters expectations.


In raising the bar for premium Indian whiskey, Longitude 77 stands tall not just as a brand but also as an experience. The journey from cultural homage to the perfect sip, coupled with exceptional packaging, and a legacy of excellence, highlights its commitment to perfection, and sets it apart in a growing industry.

Learn From Longitude 77

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