Public Holidays in Asia-Pacific Countries: A Guide for 2022

There are many different public holidays throughout Asia-Pacific countries. Each country has its own unique set of holidays, which can make planning a trip or doing business quite difficult. With lengthy factory closures and other impacts on manufacturing, it is important to remember these dates to avoid any problems with production capacity. 

Below is an overview of the major public holidays in some of the most popular APAC countries:


  • 1st-3rd January-New Year Holiday
  • 31st Jan to 4th February-Lunar New Year (Read more about how factory shutdowns affects your business during the lunar month here.)
  • 8th March-Women’s day
  • 3rd-5th April-Qing Ming Festival
  • 1st-4th May-Labour Day
  • 3rd June-Dragon Boat Festival
  • 10th-12th September-Mid Autumn Festival
  • 1st-7th October-Chinese National Day
  • 8th-9th October-Reverse Working Holiday
  • 24th-26th December-Christmas Holiday


  • 1st-3rd January-New Year Holiday
  • 29th January-6th February-Tet
  • 11th April-Hung Kings Commemoration Holiday
  • 30th April-3rd May-Reunification Day/Labour day
  • 1st-2nd September-National day
  • 24th-26th December-Christmas Holiday

Hong Kong:

  • 1st-2nd January-New Year’s Holiday
  • 1st-3rd February-Chinese New year
  • 5th April-Ching Ming Festival
  • 15th April-Good Friday
  • 16th April-The day following Good Friday
  • 18th April-Easter Monday
  • 1-2nd May-Labour day
  • 8th May-Birthday of Buddha
  • 3rd-5th June- Tuen Ng/Dragon Boat Festival
  • 1st July-HKSAR Establishment Day
  • 12th September-Day Following Mid Autumn Festival
  • 1st October-National Holiday
  • 4th October-Chung Yeung Festival
  • 25th -27th December-Christmas


  • 1st January-New Year’s Day
  • 1st-2nd February-Chinese New Year
  • 15th April-Good Friday
  • 1st-2nd May-Labour Day
  • 3rd May-Hari Raya Puasa
  • 15th-16th May-Vesak Day
  • 10th-11th July-Hari Raya Haji
  • 9th August-National Day
  • 24th October-Deepavali
  • 25th-26th December-Christmas Day


  • 1st January-New Year’s Day
  • 1st February-Chinese New Year
  • 25th February-EDSA Revolution Anniversary
  • 9th April-Araw Ng Kagitingan
  • 14th April-Maundy Thursday
  • 15th April-Good Friday
  • 16th April-Black Saturday
  • 1st May-Labour Day
  • 3rd May-Eidful Fitr
  • 12th June-Independence Day
  • 9th July-Eidul Adha
  • 21st August-Ninoy Aquino Day
  • 29th August-National Heroes’ Day
  • 1st November-All Saints’ Day
  • 30th November-Bonifacio Day
  • 8th December-Immaculate Conception
  • 25th December-Christmas
  • 30th December-Rizal Day

Here are more holidays for:

Public holidays in Asia play an important role in business, as they provide an opportunity for employees to take a break and spend extra time with their families. Additionally, public holidays can be a boon for businesses, as people may have more free time to shop or spend money on services. In some cases, public holidays may also be a time when businesses offer special promotions or sales.

For businesses operating in Asia-Pacific countries, it is important to be aware of the public holidays in each country, as well as how they may impact operations. In some cases, businesses may be closed on certain days, which can disrupt production or sales. Additionally, many employees in Asia take time off during public holidays, which can lead to a shortage of staff. This can impact productivity and quality issues could occur with these rearrangements. 

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