Quaker Creates a Buzz with its ‘Share the Warmth’ Campaign: How Beneficial Is This For Brand Visibility?

A recent heartwarming campaign called ‘Share the Warmth’ has been making waves. This campaign, launched by Quaker, the well-loved oats brand, was launched to help those in need during winter, providing a warm breakfast.

This simple but thoughtful initiative worked wonders on Quaker’s brand visibility.

Here’s how this campaign is making waves and why it might be the ideal blueprint for your business’s marketing strategy.

What’s the Campaign About?

Every winter, many people struggle to stay warm and well-fed. Quaker’s ‘Share the Warmth’ campaign steps in to help by donating up to 2.5 million warm breakfasts to those in need.

How does it work?

When you buy specially marked packs of Quaker products, a warm breakfast is donated to charities like Magic Breakfast and FareShare. Plus, Quaker supports Groundwork, a charity that offers warm spaces in community hubs across the UK, and teams up with Asda to provide free warm breakfasts for kids during the February half-term.

Engaging and Inspiring Consumers

1.  In-Store Promotions

Ever thought about turning a simple purchase into a charitable act? That’s exactly what Quaker does. Their on-pack promotion encourages consumers to choose Quaker products, knowing their purchase helps someone in need. This kind of strategy can drive customers to prefer your products over others, boosting sales and brand loyalty.

2.  Celebrity Involvement and Local Events

Bringing in a celebrity like Jason Manford to kick off the campaign adds excitement and media buzz. Plus, hosting local events where people can meet your brand and its ambassadors can create lasting, positive impressions.

Could this work for your business? Absolutely.

So How Does This Boost Brand Visibility?

1.  Connecting Emotionally

Why does this campaign work so well?

It’s because it touches on something personal and heartfelt. By addressing the real need for warmth and food during winter, Quaker creates an emotional bond with consumers. When people see a brand truly caring for others, they feel more connected and loyal to that brand.

2.  Smart Partnerships

Quaker didn’t do this alone. They partnered with well-known charities and retailers like Magic Breakfast, FareShare, Groundwork, and Asda. These partnerships not only broaden the campaign’s reach but also enhance Quaker’s credibility. Can your business form alliances like these? It’s a great way to expand your influence and build trust with your audience.

3.  Real, Measurable Impact

People love to see results. Quaker’s campaign promises a clear, tangible outcome: millions of warm breakfasts. This makes it easy for consumers to understand the impact of their purchases. For your business, setting clear, achievable goals can make your marketing campaigns more appealing and effective.


Quaker’s ‘Share the Warmth’ campaign is a fantastic example of how doing good can also be good for business. By connecting emotionally, forming smart partnerships, and delivering measurable impacts, your business can achieve similar success.

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