Kiehl’s Global Adventure Hits Bangkok and Hainan in Spectacular Pop-Up Style – 4 Things We Learnt

The world is now, more than ever, so fast-paced that it’s mostly difficult to grab people’s attention. For businesses in retail stores, it has never been harder to stop shoppers in their tracks and grab their attention.

So, how do you capture the attention of consumers and shoppers?

Easy. Use pop-ups!

Pop-up shops have become a game-changer in the marketing world. They’re tools that brands use to connect with customers in a whole new way. These temporary, super-fun experiences let you showcase your products in a creative and interactive setting, which builds loyalty and gets people excited.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about Kiehl’s pop-up!

Kiehl’s is a top-notch skincare brand. It’s not possible to name brands that have mastered the art of pop-up marketing without naming Kiehl’s. In their recent campaign, the brand took travellers on an incredible sensory journey.

What do we know about the pop-up?

You walk into the store and it feels like you’ve landed in your dream vacation spot. A spot with sunshine, palm trees, and a cute little tuk-tuk — all the while surrounded by amazing skincare products.

So, what makes this pop-up experience so effective? Here are four lessons we learned from Kiehl’s pop-ups:

Your Location Matters

Kiehl’s pop-ups in Bangkok and Hainan were not just plopped down anywhere. They were designed to capture the essence of each place. Bangkok’s pop-up was bursting with colourful tuk-tuks and pink boats — two elements that reflect the city’s vibrant energy. Hainan’s featured a life-sized motorbike and stunning scenery, transporting visitors to a tropical paradise. 

The addition of these local touches creates an immersive experience that resonates with travellers.

Limited Edition Appeal!

Kiehl’s made sure both locations boasted exclusive packaging designs that celebrated the local culture. This is a move that helps create a sense of urgency and exclusivity that makes people want to buy something before it’s gone! 

Likewise, if you want to create that “must-have” feeling, consider offering limited edition merchandise or product bundles specific to your pop-up location.

Partner Up for Success

Sometimes you need a partner to help you reach greater heights. It’s no surprise why Kiehl’s decided to team up with King Power International and China Duty-Free Group! This partnership helps Kiehl’s leverage the expertise and customer base of these renowned companies.

Also, this collaboration not only gave the campaign a wider reach, it also offered a wider range of products and catered to a specific audience – travellers. For a moment, think about those potential partnerships with businesses that complement tours to expand your reach.

Sustainability Matters!

Showing commitment to the environment is another lesson we’ve picked up from Kiehl’s, particularly with their partnership with PUR Projet. Showing commitment to the environment comes with benefits such as making your brand appealing to today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Ready to Take Your Brand on an Adventure?

Pop-up experiences are powerful ways to engage customers, generate buzz, and elevate your brand. UCT (Asia) offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions to help you develop a winning pop-up strategy. From concept creation to logistics and execution, our team of experts will help you bring your vision to life.

Contact us today and let’s create a pop-up experience that takes your brand to new heights.

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