Soreen’s Exciting On-Pack Campaign with Forest Holidays – What Makes it Impressive?

There’s this exciting new promotion that’s been making waves recently. It’s the partnership between Soreen, the well-loved UK malt loaf brand, and Forest Holidays — the “Find a Golden Lunchbox Loaf” campaign.

This campaign adds a fun twist to buying Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaf multipacks but also gives families a chance to win an unforgettable holiday adventure.

Let’s dive into what makes this campaign so impressive and how it can inspire your business to create similar marketing strategies.

Fun and Rewarding Concept

What’s better than finding a surprise in your snack? With the “Find a Golden Lunchbox Loaf” campaign, shoppers who buy special Soreen Lunchbox Loaf packs might discover one of ten golden-wrapped loaves. Each golden loaf wins a Forest Holiday, including a stay in a cozy log cabin with a hot tub, bike hire, and a Forest Ranger experience at one of twelve stunning forest locations.

This clever idea excites consumers and also encourages them to buy more, boosting brand engagement and loyalty.

Smart Brand Partnership

Why is the Soreen and Forest Holidays partnership so effective?

It’s because both brands share a love for active, outdoor fun. Soreen promotes a healthy lifestyle, and Forest Holidays offers great outdoor adventures. Together, they create a promotion that is more appealing and relevant to their audience. Partnering with another brand can expand your reach and make your marketing efforts even stronger.

Multiple Chances to Win

How can you make sure everyone feels like a winner? Besides the ten golden loaves, every special Soreen Lunchbox Loaf pack includes a £60 discount on Forest Holidays. This means every customer who buys a promotional pack gets something extra. Offering multiple rewards keeps customers happy and encourages them to spread the word.

Effective Marketing Support

What’s the secret to a successful promotion? It’s not just about the idea but how you spread the word. Soreen has made sure itson is visible through marketing efforts in major supermarkets and convenience stores. Using displays and signs, they catch shoppers’ attention and drive them to participate. Supporting your promotion with strong marketing efforts ensures it reaches as many people as possible.

Perfect Timing

Why is timing so important? Launching in May and running until the end of August, this campaign taps into the summer season when families are looking for fun outdoor activities and vacations. Aligning your promotions with the right season or event can make them more relevant and effective.

Why Your Business Should Try a Similar Strategy

So, how can this apply to your business? Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Create Fun Concepts: Think of unique ways to make your product more exciting. Adding a surprise element, like a hidden prize, can boost interest and sales.

  2. Partner with Other Brands: Work with brands that complement yours. This can help you reach a larger audience and add more value to your promotions.

  3. Offer Multiple Rewards: Make sure your promotion has several layers of rewards. This keeps customers interested and makes them feel they’re getting more value.

  4. Support with Strong Marketing: Don’t just launch a promotion; back it up with solid marketing. Use all available channels to ensure it gets noticed.

  5. Time it Right: Match your promotions with relevant seasons or events to make them more appealing and effective.


Soreen’s “Find a Golden Lunchbox Loaf” campaign with Forest Holidays is a perfect example of a fun, well-executed promotion. By using creative ideas, smart partnerships, multiple rewards, strong marketing, and good timing, Soreen has captured consumers’ interest and boosted loyalty.

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