St Remy Signature Wows Travelers with its Striking POS Display in Singapore: A Sure-Fire Way to Gain New Customers?

The travel retail space, all over the world, is a crowded marketplace where shoppers’ attention is fleeting. The nature of this marketplace sets brands up in a fight to stand out.

But how can a brand stand apart from its competitors in this space?

Did I hear you say POS displays? Yes! With a striking point-of-sales display, you can stand out from the rest but also gain new customers. Let’s find out how St Remy Signature did it.

St Remy Signature POS Display: What To Know

This display, introduced in Singapore, is the latest expression from St Remy, the French liquor brand. The display features a tasting bar that extends an invitation to a new generation of young brandy lovers to create their own St Remy Signature story.

5 Reasons Why This is a Sure-Fire Way To Gain New Customers

● Improved Visibility

POS displays are, first and foremost, about aesthetics However, they can be more. A striking point-of-sales display increases your visibility and ensures that it not only catches the eye but also leaves a lasting impression on travellers.  In this case, the enhanced visibility acts as a powerful introduction to the world of St Remy.

● Brand Recognition

Want to reinforce your brand recognition? The answer is a robust POS display! In dynamic retail spaces where consumers have choices, a unique display is a powerful tool that helps to imprint your brand into the memory of travellers and paves the way for future interactions with your products.

● Engagement Catalyst

Beyond its visual appeal, St Remy’s POS display acts as a catalyst for customer engagement. It invites travellers to explore the St Remy Signature range and triggers curiosity and interest. This engagement can translate directly into increased product awareness and, ultimately, a higher likelihood of conversion.

● Strategic Placement

Travel retail spaces are bustling areas that demand strategic placement of your displays to even stand a chance of winning customers over. This is one move St Remy Signature perfected with their display. The uniqueness of the display, coupled with its strategic positioning gives the brand a competitive edge in a space saturated with consumer choices.

● Contributing to Positive Customer Experience

The POS display is not merely a promotional tool; it’s an integral part of the customer experience. By conveying a sense of quality, sophistication, and attention to detail, the display contributes positively to the overall customer experience. This positive encounter with the brand can build loyalty and prompt travellers to share their positive experiences, acting as organic brand ambassadors.

In summary,

The St Remy Signature POS display, with its uniqueness,  strategic visibility, brand reinforcement, engagement catalyst, and contribution to customer experience, stands as a multifaceted approach to gaining new customers in the vibrant city of Singapore.

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