Tomatin ‘To What it Matters’ Campaign and Magnificent POS Display in London!

Remember that electrifying feeling when you stumble upon a brand experience so unique, so utterly captivating, that it makes your heart sing? Tomatin’s recent “To What It Matters” campaign in London accomplished just that. And it all depended on one incredible point of sale display that was bold and artistic in equal measure.

In the heart of the busy Piccadilly Circus in London, our touring team saw this magnificent stag made of shiny copper standing tall and with bottles of Tomatin whisky glittering on its antlers. This stag had eyes with brilliant displays and captivating animations. As passersby paused, mesmerised by the sight, the stag morphed into a visual canvas, telling the story of Tomatin’s commitment to sustainability and community.

Now, without further ado, here are five invaluable takeaways from Tomatin’s daring display:

Let your values lead the way

What are your values? What philosophy does your brand stand for? Whatever they are, let your campaign showcase them.

This was the case with Tomain’s campaign. Their point-of-sales display colourfully represented their “To What it Matters” ethos, highlighting their commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. Customers connected deeply with this authenticity.

Dare to be different

Innovation is simply daring to be different. Tomatin dared to be different. They injected creativity and artistry into their point of sale. The result? A spectacle that stopped people in their tracks, sparking curiosity and conversation. Keep in mind that standing out requires daring to be extraordinary in a world full of visual noise.

Technology is your canvas

Technology should be used as a tool. The interactive screens were more than simply eye-catching tools; they were storytellers who dragged viewers into Tomatin’s universe with their engrossing narrative. With the right application, technology may improve your brand experience and turn a boring display into a lively topic of conversation.

Location, location, location

Piccadilly Circus was not a random choice, it was chosen deliberately as the background. Tomatin made sure their brand got the most exposure and interaction possible by immersing it in the heart of London’s vibrant energy. Think about your target audience and where they are. Put your brand where their eyes (and hearts) are.

The smallest details matter

All of the display’s components, from the expertly produced copper stag to the captivating animations, were carefully thought out by Tomatin. This attention to detail created the foundation for an incredibly luxurious experience and spoke volumes about the brand’s values.


Tomatin’s “To What It Matters” campaign was a marketing masterclass. For brands seeking to ignite consumer hearts and minds, take a page out of Tomatin’s playbook. Remember, sometimes, the most magnificent POS displays are the ones that make your soul dance.

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