Unveiling the Winning Secrets Behind Sol de Janeiro’s Vibrant Pop-Up at Sydney Airport Mega B!

Pop-up shops have since taken over the retail world. They have changed the way brands engage with customers, as they offer a unique blend of experiential marketing and direct sales. Designed to create a buzz, build brand awareness, and provide a memorable shopping experience, these temporary stores are the way to go!

Sol de Janeiro is a luxury skin and body care brand. Its latest pop-up at Sydney Airport’s Mega B is a great example of this trend done right. Let’s dive into what makes this pop-up so special and how you can use these secrets to boost your own business.

4 Winning Secrets Behind This Pop-Up

1. Eye-Catching Design

What’s the first thing that catches your eye at a store? For Sol de Janeiro, it’s the burst of sunshine yellow mixed with purple from their Delícia Drench Body Butter and Cheirosa ‘59 Perfume Mist. This bright and cheerful setup makes you want to stop and look. When you’re planning your pop-up, think about how you can create a visually stunning space that will make people want to check it out.

2.  Fun and Interactive

Ever played a game or tried a sample at a pop-up? It’s fun, right? Sol de Janeiro knows this and has added digital games, samples, and giveaways to keep customers engaged. By making your pop-up interactive, you can turn visitors into active participants. Think about how you can add a bit of fun—maybe a quick game or a sample station—that will make people remember your brand.

3.  Perfect Location

Location, location, location—how often have you heard that? Sol de Janeiro picked a busy spot at Sydney Airport where tons of people pass by every day. Choosing the right place for your pop-up can make a huge difference. Look for a spot with lots of foot traffic where your target customers are likely to be. This could be a shopping mall, an event, or a popular street.

4.  Showcase Your Best Stuff

What makes you buy something on the spot? Often, it’s getting to see, touch, and try the product first. Sol de Janeiro puts its best products front and centre, letting people try out their famous body butter and perfume mists. Make sure you highlight your top products and let visitors experience them. When customers can see and feel the quality, they’re more likely to make a purchase.


Sol de Janeiro’s pop-up at Sydney Airport shows how a well-planned and executed pop-up can really make a difference. By focusing on a great design, adding interactive elements, picking the right location, creating buzz, and showcasing your best products, you can create a pop-up that not only attracts people but also makes them happy to be there.

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