4 Ultimate Advertising Lessons To Learn From Carlsberg Innovative Campaigns

It’s so thoughtful of you to start a brand in the first place! You are one of the few world changers and investors who still believe in positive future possibilities.

 However, building a brand comes with its complications. One of the prominent complications is competing with the heck of competition out there and this could make you reconsider your thoughts, especially when you have strong competitors in the market.

One of the ways to be your best is to learn from others. And this is why we got you some inspirational promotional ideas from Carlsberg!

Since 1987, Carlsberg has remained one of the most sought-after breweries in the world. From its inception as a small regional brewery on a hill outside Copenhagen, the firm is now an international player with achievements worldwide.

One unique feature of Carlsberg is that it is multifaceted- produces both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Making it a choice for all and sundry.

Over years, Carlsberg has been cutting through the storms of market turbulence with its marketing strategies. Customers can’t stop having a taste of Carlsberg in its different shades!

Below Are 4 Advertising Lessons To Learn From Carlsberg Innovative Campaign!

The liquor business just like every other business comes with its rigmaroles and restrictions. In the alcoholic brewery industry, restrictions are placed on minors from taking alcohol. This very act of restriction can hamper the success of some of these brands.

Hence, learning from leading brands in the business can help your brand cut through the corners of these hard times. Check out these 4 outstanding advertising innovative campaigns and lessons from Carlsberg;

1.   Maximizing Your Brand

Taking every inch out of an itch to build your brand is a commendable act for such a brand. Investing in your brand through promotional strategies like customization, and gifts with purchases can be your secret sorcery to becoming the world’s largest brand!

Observing Carlsberg’s promotional strategy closely, you would notice that each of its products is customized with the brand’s logo making it distinctly unique from the rest of the products in the market.

Aside from the customization of the products themselves, the tumblers, buckets, and glasses are all imprinted with the brand’s name and identity.

This then means that branding is a useful tool to promote, advertise and build your brand.

2.   Investing In Luscious Displays

It won’t be nice for your brand’s display to be so vague and stale. The quality of your brand should be felt in its display. It is easier to recognize an in-store product when it is displayed separately from other products.

And Carlsberg’s display of its product is the epitome of this feature. With its LED light promotional display, its visibility and awareness are daunting and obvious.

3.   Creating An Effective Packaging

The packaging aside from attracting customers and on-lookers, Carlsberg’s packaging ensures that its contents are safe and easy to carry about.

The package has a handle that makes it easy and safe to handle.

4.   Gifts With Purchases

The attractiveness and quality of Carlsberg’s gifts would invite customers to come back for more and even add more to the traffic.

Carlsberg bade different freebie products to entice buyers. These include promotional thermos and custom glass-wares for every purchase of its product. The best part of Carlsberg’s promotional strategy is that it offers more than one product as a gift.


Discovering other brands’ ways to promote your brand can go a long way to skyrocket your business to the top of the scrapper.

We are sure you have learned something from Carlsberg’s promotional strategy and we hope you use it to facilitate your brand soon.

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