Borjomi Breathtaking Wooden Retail Display In Russia – 4 Ultimate Advertising Lessons To Learn!

In retail stores today, there’re a lot of brands trying to grab the spotlight and win customers. It’s like they’re all saying, “hey everybody, look at me!” Such is the competitive nature of the FMCG market. Therefore, as a brand in this market, the foremost thing to do is to devise a strategy that will help you stand out from your ever-increasing competitors. This is where retail displays come in!

When executed perfectly, retail displays can be the difference between you and other brands, making you stand out in a highly saturated market.

But how do you do it? Let’s take a look at Borjomi’s wooden retail display.

What We Learnt From Borjomi’s Wooden Product Display.

We spotted this breathtaking wooden display by Borjomi in Russia and instantly loved it, especially how well-displayed the bottles of mineral water were in the racks. Indeed, we can take a few lessons from this amazing display. So without further ado, here are 4 takeaways from this display.

1.   Creative Design

The first thing we notice is the innovative design of the wooden retail display which is simple yet effective. It has spacious bottom shelves to hold the bottles and ridges around it to ensure the bottles don’t fall over. It also has a slanted upper shelf that enables shoppers to view the products at eye level without having to lift a bottle for a closer look.

2.   Boost Brand Perception

Being a brand that produces high-end mineral water, this display indeed gives off that quality and highlights the brand’s taste for excellence.

Usually, shoppers are often influenced to either buy a product or not based on what they see. If your products display radiate value, it will improve the way shoppers will view your brand and will attract them to your brand.

3.   Logo Placement

It is always important to ensure that your brand is noticeable by making your logo large and clearly displayed.

We noticed how Borjomi’s logo is made big and evident on the header and every shelf of the wooden product display. This will ensure that shoppers can sight the brand logo even from afar. This way, shoppers will have a longer impression of your brand.

4.   Strategic Display Spot

It is important to always place your product displays in strategic areas where they can be easily seen. They should be away from crowded areas so they can stand out and grab attention. Borjomi explored this marketing tip by positioning their display in an accessible spot, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting picked ahead of competing brands.

In The End,

Borjomi’s wooden product display shows they’re on top of the marketing game. We recommend you replicate this POS display in your retail promotion as it will help you stand out in the ever-competitive FMCG market.

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