Colgate Collaborated With A Japanese Cartoon Character To Create An Exceptional Campaign In Singapore

Everyone wants to own a highly reputable itch-free brand, with thousands of customers patronizing one’s brand regularly, but how do you hit the jackpot when other brands offer the same services as you?

The market system is ramped up, with many brands striving to thrive amidst dozens of competitors. Hence, a thorough understanding of what your customers want and a tactful study of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses would set your business on track.

An excellent brand builds a substantial competitive advantage by providing customers with an overall value over competitors who offer the same services equally. That is why Colgate decided to develop this unique marketing strategy in Singapore.

Colgate, an American brand of oral care products like toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss and many more, has ramped up the market with its exceptional custom-printed bowls, which is the aftermath of Colgate’s collaborative effort with a famous Japanese Cartoon Character, Gudetama, from the Japanese company, Sanrio.

Who Gets These Gifts?

For every purchase of 3150g tubes of Colgate’s toothpaste, customers get a 2-in-1 bowl pack. Customers can choose from 3 varieties of toothpaste, with each bowl set designed differently. The variants include Professional Clean, Whitening, and Charcoal Deep Clean toothpaste.

You can imagine getting these three variants equivalent to having three bowls!

How Does This Fascinating Collaboration Allow Colgate To Rise Above Competitors?

1.   Increase Sales And Profits

The initial impulse that sparked the avid desire to create a market campaign by any brand was to make more sales and profits. Any business aims to drive sales and make profits!

Colgate’s collaboration with Sanrio is an excellent way of intensifying buying and patronage. People sometimes are made to act by their visual stimuli. That means people believe what attracts them the most.

Hence, portraying your brand or products fancifully is an excellent way of promoting sales and profits.

2.   Increased Brand Awareness And Popularity

Collaborating with another famous firm or brand in a marketing campaign is an intelligent strategy to build brand awareness.

Colgate made an intelligent decision by choosing the famous Sanrio as a campaign collaborator. With this, customers would want to look at the product because it is eye-catching and even those who do not intend to buy the Colgate brand.

3.   It Serves As An Incentive And A Token Of Appreciation

Buying a product repeatedly without appreciation or incentive from the brand could be disheartening and discouraging and make customers switch over to another brand with better services. Colgate’s collaboration with Sanrio to design customized bowls for its customers is indeed a sign of love and appreciation for its customers.

4.   Plethora of choice

Decision-making is a crucial factor in the purchasing power of customers. Customers do not want to be limited in their purchases. Providing a broad spectrum of products where people can make purchasing decisions is paramount to a brand’s sustainability. Colgate has provided customers with this, enabling ability through its variance of products.

In Conclusion,

There are various strategies out there that brands can use to promote their sales and incentivize customers. Still, an accurate survey of your customer’s preferences should influence your decision. UCT (Asia) featured bowls from Colgate are an excellent tool for a marketing campaign.

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