Durex Improves Sales Climax With Branded Keyrings In The United States

Having open discussions on sex or condoms seldomly occur and that is because people find it awkward to have genuine conversations about sex or condom. It is only expected that one should ponder on how a company like Durex drives its sales amongst people that rarely talk about their personal sexual needs and desires.

Studies show that people often get uncomfortable whenever they step into a store to get a condom. Most people lack the courage and confidence to patiently study the different brands of condoms that are present in the store. They usually just want to get a condom and leave immediately, without giving too much damn about its brand or features. Noting this, Durex decided to use alternative means of marketing to boost its brand’s promotion.

UCT(Asia) found an exceptional Durex promotional keyring in the United States. Durex discovered a creative method of boosting its promotion amongst people, regardless of their controversial feeling about being publicly seen with condoms. UCT(Asia) offers this keychain as a successful promotional item because of the so many benefits attributed to the item.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Durex Keyring In Marketing?

●     Boost Long-Term Visibility

Keyrings are valuable items that are required in our day-to-day activities, therefore, they are likely to be used for a long period of time. Organization is needed in every aspect of living, be it in the office, home, or even in vacation hotels. Keyrings help in attaining a level of organization in terms of keeping our keys arranged in an orderly manner. Durex keyrings help to promote brand visibility amongst their users and their acquaintances. The continuous use of these keyrings in the home serves as a source of long-term visibility.

●     Lead Generation

The constant display of Durex’s values on these keyrings improves its awareness amongst customers’ families and friends. People get familiar with the Durex branding over time. The more people sight Durex logo and values, the higher their chances of purchasing Durex condoms over other brands because their instinct trust Durex more due to the continuous glimpse of the brand keyring.

●     Customers Retention

Customers need to always be reminded of your brand for them to constantly choose your brand over other competitors. The major factor that influences consumers to purchase a particular product is the level of trust and familiarity they have developed with the brand over time. People are emotional beings that tend to buy products with emotions, the same thing applies to marketing. In order to keep receiving support from your old fand, you need to give them more reason for them to remain loyal.

Wrapping It Up,

With all the factors listed above, it is safe for us to conclude that Durex sales will be increased. An elevation in lead generation means an increase in sales of products, likewise customer retention. If you want to increase your sales revenue, lead generation, and customer retention, then you need to add this promotional keyring to your next campaign list.

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