Heineken Remains Distinguished Amongst Competitors In Vietnam – How Effective Is This QR Code Strategy?

Building your brand to become one of the most recognizable, even from a distance, is a great accomplishment. However, aside from excellent brand recognition, you should work towards creating compelling strategies to entice potential customers to choose and purchase your products.

With a superb QR code contest, Heineken shows us how.

Heineken’s QR Code Competition

On a recent visit to Vietnam, we discovered this fantastic promotional competition put together by Heineken. In this “buy and win” competition, shoppers can participate by purchasing a 6-can pack of Heineken Silver.

After purchasing, shoppers can then scan the specially designed QR code for a chance to win amazing prizes, including branded Bluetooth music player, luxury luggage, and PlayStation 5.

4 Benefits Of Using This Strategy

This strategy, just like every other one, has its benefits. So without wasting time, let’s bring you four reasons why imitating this marketing strategy will benefit your brand.

1.   Leads Customers To Your Website

In this age of technology, people now seek better and faster means of getting information. As a brand, one way to stay on top is by employing trending technological means. And QR code is one such trend.

Your QR code can be used to lead shoppers to your website or landing page. Not only does it make assessing your website easier, but it also ensures that shoppers get all the information they need about your brand or a particular product without doing too much.

2.   Compels Hasty Purchases

On the Heineken Silver six-can pack are a list and number of prizes to be won. This shows that the brand has provision for only a certain number of prizes for a particular number of winners.

Also, unlike giveaways, this strategy has a way of compelling shoppers to buy your product to ensure they get all the benefits due to the limited quantity and the time element it poses.

3.   Increases Sales

Purchasing products in bulk is normally more expensive than buying several cans, hence, shoppers will likely buy in single cans than in bulk.

However, with the attachment of the contest’s QR code on the Heineken Silver packaging, customers will now find it more appealing. This is because they realize that buying in bulk now gives them a chance to win amazing prizes.

Furthermore, by scanning the QR code, customers would instantly be informed about the product price, the QR code contest they’re eligible for, and the prizes to be won.

4.   Improves Brand Awareness

Knowing your target market is an essential aspect of marketing. It helps you know what promotional merchandise to offer your customers.

Armed with this knowledge, you can act accordingly by ensuring your gift prizes align with what your target market appreciates. This will excite your customers and effectively compel them to tell others about your brand through word-of-mouth advertising.

This essentially boosts your brand awareness.

In Conclusion,

The QR code contest is a simple way of showing appreciation to your customers through branded freebies. It is also an excellent strategy for boosting sales and brand awareness.

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