Hennessy Dives Out of the Competition Pool With A Sensual Silicone Flask

Hennessy recently launched a fascinating alcohol package design that is both unique and specifically designed for the brand’s Hennessy Very Special Cognac. The silicone flask is stylishly developed and exists in colors like yellow, red, green, and purple.

Hennessy is the largest cognac producer in the world, selling up to 70 million bottles a year, distributed to almost half of the world.

The Sensual Silicone Flask

The sensual silicone cover is designed to cover and protect the Hennessy bottle. It makes the bottle look more attractive. It is like wearing a hoodie or sweater with a cap for a bottle.

The body was engraved with a grapevine pattern to add to the overall excellence. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor drinking.

The flask is not entirely branded; there is a frame that allows the display of the bottle’s label.

What Makes the Campaign Special?

A gift with purchase is a sure way to encourage people to buy from your brand. It entices new customers and wins the loyalty of existing ones. It benefits both the manufacturing company and the eligible customers.

●      Unique Designs

In a competitive business like alcohol, the more unique a promotional design is, the more attention it will attract. The Hennessy Silicon Flask is one-of-a-kind and will stand out both in-store on the shelf and outside the store.

The animating color and the brand’s display on either side of the flask will tremendously increase the brand’s recognition.

●      Proper Advertisement

Proper display of promotional items plays a vital role in the campaign’s overall success. The silicone flask is displayed well in the store and online blogs.

The Benefits of the Campaign

●      Boost Product Visibility

Product visibility is the driving goal behind all strategies to gain new and retain existing ones. Product visibility helps businesses build credibility. The more people see, hear, and read about a business, the more they are likely to engage with that product.

●      Brand Awareness

One of the goals of an effective promotional campaign is to increase brand awareness and get more people familiar with their products. Patronize them and recommend them.

●      Increased Brand’s Perceived Value

A high-quality and functional gift like the sensual silicone flask makes the customer feel like they are getting more value than the money they are paying.

●      Build Customer Loyalty

Customers will return to patronize a business that offers them a gift, and such a business will be referred to their friends and families.

●       Increased Sales

The goal of promotional campaigns is to boost company sales. The better the gift quality, the more sales they will make.


Hennessy’s sensual silicone flask is a unique promotional product, the consumers will be delighted with its usefulness, and the Cognac brand will increase its market lead.

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