Hennessy Steals the Spotlight With an Interactive Basketball-Themed POS in Istanbul

Get inspired by Hennessy’s interactive POS display we found in Istanbul. We can’t get over this amazing basketball-themed POS. From the design to the strategic placement, everything is professionally executed. So, if you’re looking for a powerful way to announce yourself in the retail space, you’re on the right path!

Hennessy is a French cognac house founded in 1765. It is one of the most famous and respected cognac brands in the world. Hennessy’s POS display in Istanbul is a great example of how to use interactive marketing to engage consumers. The display is basketball-themed, which is fitting for Turkey, where basketball is a popular sport. The display features a basketball hoop and a ball that consumers can shoot. When a consumer makes a basket, they are rewarded with a free sample of Hennessy.

What Can You Learn from Hennessy’s POS Display

At UCT (ASIA), we only bring the best marketing concepts and promotional merchandise to your doorstep. And Hennessy’s amazing POS is no exception. We’re confident that by featuring these strategies, you, too, can learn and develop your marketing concepts that will help grow your business. Here’s what you can learn from Hennessy!

1. Strategic Placement Matters

Hennessy’s POS was eye-catching, yes. However, it was also strategically placed to capture attention. Tennessee understands that placing your promotional displays in high-traffic areas can boost brand visibility. When planning yours, consider locations where your target audience frequents: this will help turn ordinary spaces into opportunities for engagement.

2. Create a Memorable Experience

Hennessy didn’t just sell a product, it created an experience. We can learn from Hennessy about how to transform your POS into an immersive experience that sticks to the memory of your customers long after they’ve left your store. Implementing elements like themed events or exclusive product demonstrations can turn a simple purchase into a memorable moment and help encourage customer loyalty.

3. Utilize Cultural Relevance

Hennessy tapped into basketball, a globally loved sport. This is another move you can emulate. Explore ways to leverage cultural relevance in your marketing. Connecting with your audience’s interests enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns. Consider adapting your promotions to align with local festivities or trends, making your brand more relatable and resonant with diverse audiences.

4. Brand Consistency is Key

Hennessy’s POS perfectly aligned with its brand image. Consistency is crucial in marketing. Ensure your promotional materials align seamlessly with your brand identity for a stronger impact. This not only reinforces brand recognition but also builds trust among consumers, making them more likely to choose your products.


The retail world is ever-evolving. Therefore, it’s important to keep close tabs on how brands like Hennessy remain at the top. By applying these lessons to your marketing approach, you’ll not just be promoting products but also creating memorable brand experiences for your customers.

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