Le Clos Makes A Statement With The Gigantic LED Wine Barrel Display In Dubai

Are you looking for a marketing secret to promote your wine business and leverage your competitors? So then, let’s sit and chill out with a bottle of Le Clos as we unveil the secrets!

Gone are the days of monopolistic trade in business when a brand has complete autonomy over a product. Today’s market is on a rampage, with many competitors who keep their brands abreast with innovative measures.

That is why you must initiate outstanding innovative ideas to survive the hurdles in a competitive market. Let’s look at the excellent strategy used by Le Clos to satisfy its customers.

Le Clos is one of the world’s leading wine and spirits groceries, consisting of ten outlets located throughout terminals 1 & 3 in Dubai International Airport.

Recently, the brand has revealed a nouveau Centre at Dubai International Airport, giving travelers the luxury of experiencing its premium quality wines through its gigantic LED wine barrel display across the airport’s terminals.

Why We Love This Gigantic LED Wine Barrel Display In Dubai

Dubai is a country often visited by tourists owing to its cozy resorts and surreal natural endowments. The first contact for most tourists is usually the airport, and that is why we all can agree that Le Clos is intelligent. Establishing wine barrels in strategic places like airports brings traffic to your brand.

Features Of This Gigantic LED Wine Barrel Display In Dubai

From a layman’s view, this display looks like a plain classic barrel only. However, there is more to this because the barrel store display is an integral part of the LED lights and video display. Much more from the creative design is its outstanding gigantic feature of about 4m high.

That indeed makes Le Clos wine barrel stand out as well as offering so much amusement to tourists with its existence impossible to ignore.

Why You Should Reciprocate Le Clos’s Gigantic LED Wine Display

1.   Better Brand’s Visibility And Awareness

The gigantic display of Le Clos in the most plied routes of Dubai, as well as the prominent name print displayed on the screen, helps Le Clos introduce itself to travelers without ado. This gigantic barrel makes Le Clos impossible to be ignored by people.

2.   Boost Sales

Increased awareness is equivalent to increased sales. Travelers are bound to be dehydrated, and most prefer quenching their thirst with a refreshing wine over water.

Invariably, Le Clos’ strategic location of its gigantic wine barrel in the airport, as well as the incorporation of a LED light display to illuminate the barrel, is an excellent tactic to boost sales.

3.   Promotion Of Brand’s Value

The value attached to a brand by customers is what leverages a brand above other brands. How well you present your brand to the public also determines your brand’s achievement.

To add value to your brand, you must be ready to spend on your brand. Many brand owners find it difficult to spend on their brand. Marketing is garbage in, garbage out. Forget about the money or resources needed to promote your brand. Instead, focus on the benefits of such innovative initiatives and the fame they would amass in the long run.

To Wrap Up,

Marketing today is not getting any rosier with many competitors, invariably with few shoppers.

However, you can only stand out as a brand through your unique, innovative strategies.

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