Nestle’s Nestea Captivates Customers’ Attention in Malaysia – Alluring Bottles

Having your name imprinted on a product definitely would make anyone feel special. Customized items are the current trends in the market. And customized bottles are up there in the list of promotional products used by brands to create awareness about their businesses.

This is why we weren’t surprised to see that Nestle’s Nestea, in Malaysia, chose to use alluring bottles as their promotional gift item. To get one for free, customers are to purchase 3 packs of Nestea Lemon flavour.

Isn’t that such a wonderful strategy?

While setting up a similar strategy can be quite expensive, there are several other replicas that UCT(Asia) can help you modify and personalize.

Branded alluring bottles: 4 benefits Nestea enjoys

Attractive bottles as promotional items have been effective for promoting drinks. They are the ideal promotional items to help you achieve your business objectives.

However, many other brands use these marketing tools. This means that to use them too, you have to be unique by offering very attractive and useful branded bottles to your loyal clients.

Asides making your brand stand out, here are 4 other benefits.

1.   Enhances visibility

As a brand, you want people to see what you offer, right? One way to attract attention is by using promotional bottles with an elegant design. This places your brand on the path of visibility as people are easily attracted to beautiful things.

Having these bottles displayed in stores automatically creates visibility for your brand. Also, this marketing strategy can be achieved at a very low cost and will give you an impressive value for your money.

2.   Lasts long

One very good thing about these alluring bottles is that they are quite durable. In comparison to plastic bottles which are thrown away after the first use, branded bottles can be reused as many times as possible. Their content can be refilled and can be taken to school, events, etc.

Because of how strong they are, customers will use them for a very long time and this will yield positive marketing benefits for any brand.

3.   Cheap and easy to access

As a brand, it is okay if you choose to use more expensive products as promotional items. However, your top priority should be to offer your customers something that would be useful to them in a long while.

Customized alluring bottles are one of the most commonly used products to that effect. Firstly, this is because of how affordable they are. Secondly, they’re mobile and can be taken anywhere which makes them quite useful to the customers.

4.   Ideal gifts for customer’ appreciation

Attractive bottles are resourceful household items almost everyone would love to have. Therefore, for their loyalty over the years, these products are ideal gift items to show appreciation to your customers.

This then encourages them further to keep patronizing your brand.

In the end, Branded bottles are excellent promotional items not just for brands in the drink industry but also for other business spheres. Having been proven effective, it will be difficult to overlook their advantages.

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