Oreo Takes Its Marketing Game To The Next Level With The Stunning Mooncake Box Packaging In China!

Without a doubt, packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing. At its most basic level, packaging acts as protection for the product. It enhances your product’s outlook and makes the giving and receiving experience exciting. Importantly as well, your packaging builds a lasting impression on the recipients.

In our feature promotion, Oreo, a renowned cookie brand, emerged with a stunning packaging idea – a distinct and exciting mooncake box.

Mooncakes, by the way, are special round cakes eaten during the Chinese moon festival. They’re to the Chinese people in the Mid-Autumn festivities what turkey is to the US on Thanksgiving.

Away from their normal simple packaging, Oreo came up with a different and grand design for this promotion, using a brightly coloured, top-quality cardboard box with elegant printing techniques.

Why Is Oreo’s Custom Mooncake Packaging An Excellent Concept?

1.    Product Protection

The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product. A well-packaged product is seen as a guarantee of quality.

For delicate products like mooncakes, having a reliable and sturdy gift box is the perfect packaging.

Also, this gift box packaging can be used for events of different types, including birthdays, weddings, and marketing campaigns just as Oreo in this promotion.

2.    Enhances Brand Recognition

As a brand, you want to be easily recognized by shoppers even from a distance. To achieve this, you have to take your colour and packaging seriously as they’re the first things a buyer notices.

In this promotion, Oreo utilized its trademark blue colour on the mooncake boxes. With just a look, cookie lovers will instantly recognize the brand color, thereby making the packaging great for brand exposure and awareness.

3.    Influences Shoppers’ Purchases Decision

About seven in every ten shoppers believe that packaging impacts their decision to buy or not. When shoppers have to choose from an array of products in the store, product packaging is often the deciding factor.

Therefore, as a brand looking to increase sales and revenue, custom box packaging can serve as a useful tool.

4.    Appealing Design

Having an appealing design is important for your box packaging, because shoppers will likely judge your packaging by its appearance on the shelf. It only requires about 10 seconds for a customer to decide to buy your product. Thus, your packaging must catch their attention from the word go.

We can confidently say that Oreo’s mooncake box packaging is a perfect example with its unique design.

In Conclusion,

For your brand to drive sales, it’s important to present a well-designed packaging that differentiates your brand from others, especially in a competitive industry.  Custom box packaging is also important for seasonal promotions. They add more value to your products and allow you to be flexible in your marketing approach.

How Can UCT (ASIA) Help?

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