Ritz, Cadbury, Oreo, and Sour Patch Gains Limelight in Canada: Mondelez’s Olympic Campaign Excites Athletes!

Ever wondered how established brands maintain a strong presence in the hearts and minds of consumers? Have you ever considered using a major sporting event to elevate your brand awareness? Worry not! Mondelez’s recent Olympic campaign in Canada is the perfect inspiration! Apart from generating massive sales, this clever strategy also raised excitement for the upcoming Paris Games.

Mondelez, a leading snack company you know and love for brands like Ritz, Cadbury, Oreo, and Sour Patch Kids, provides a winning playbook through its strategic Olympic campaign in Canada. This article explores the success of their campaign and offers valuable takeaways for you seeking to achieve similar results through unique marketing initiatives.

4 Ways to Achieve Similar Success with Your Brand

By applying some of Mondelez’s winning strategies, you too can promote brand loyalty and get consumers excited about your products or services:

People connect with brands that share their values.  Mondelez’s strategic partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee taps into the nation’s collective pride in its athletes. 

If you want to grow a loyal customer base then you should consider aligning your brand with a cause or event that your target audience cares about. Take this campaign for instance.

Design Engaging In-Store and Online Experiences

Mondelez’s campaign is not your traditional advertising strategy. Their “best-in-class display tools” and “omni-activations” create a dynamic shopping experience, both online and in-store.

For your brand, think about how you can use creative displays, interactive elements, or social media content to capture your customers’ attention. Engaging them throughout their buying journey will leave a lasting positive impression on them.

Leverage the Power of Promotions and Incentives

Mondelez’s campaign entices shoppers with a chance to win a trip to the Olympics. When you offer exciting promotions or contests to incentivize purchases and boost engagement, your sales will experience a significant boost, and news about your brand will spread.

Build Long-Term Partnerships

Since 2013, Mondelez has been a proud partner of Team Canada. This commitment demonstrates their long-term investment in supporting athletes and connecting with Canadian consumers. The lesson here is to seek out strategic partnerships that complement your brand identity and offer long-term benefits. Building these strong relationships promotes trust and creates a foundation for sustainable growth.

In The End

Mondelez’s Olympic campaign is a powerful example of how innovative marketing strategies can elevate your brand. By implementing these strategies and forming strong partnerships, you can achieve similar success and take your business to new heights.

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