Smirnoff’s ‘We Do Us’ Campaign Goes Viral: Key Strategies Revealed!

In today’s post, we’ll share several key strategies from Smirnoff’s incredible campaign to help spice up yours.

Smirnoff is a renowned brand of vodka. Owned and produced by British company Diageo, the iconic brand has taken the game to a higher level with its latest campaign tagged “We Do Us.”

So what is this campaign about?

Smirnoff’s ‘We Do US’ campaign, led by Stephanie Jacoby, is one that is aimed at keeping the brand fresh in the minds of consumers through a strategic approach that includes TV adverts, POS materials, and partnerships with wholesalers and retailers. The campaign, particularly active during the festive season, promoted togetherness and social connections by celebrating the magic of diverse experiences.

The campaign quickly and effortlessly captured the attention of global audiences, including ours. As a result, we decided to dissect and reveal five key strategies that have propelled it into viral stardom.

3 Key Strategies That Have Propelled This Campaign to Viral Stardom

While we agree that it takes a lot of creativity, timing, and luck for a campaign to achieve viral stardom, three key strategies propelled this successful campaign into the spotlight.

We’re talking about things like:

  • Embracing Collective Spirit
  • Strategic Advertising
  • Omnipresence Across Channels
  • Harnessing Digital Momentum

Embracing Collective Spirit: At the heart of ‘We Do Us’ lies a celebration of togetherness. Stephanie Jacoby, Smirnoff’s Global Brand Director, succinctly sums up the ethos behind the campaign. In her words, “The campaign looks to champion the power of the collective.”

By championing inclusivity and diversity, Smirnoff connects with consumers who are seeking authentic connections in an increasingly disunited world.

Strategic Advertising: When it comes to ensuring maximal visibility and engagement, Smirnoff’s savvy advertising strategy is a method that will benefit any campaign. The launch of a new TV advert powerfully reinforces the brand’s presence and message, effectively rooting itself in the collective consciousness of consumers.

Omnipresence Across Channels: Running a campaign of this magnitude requires being ever-present across every channel. And that is what Smirnoff did in this campaign. They left no stone unturned in their quest for being everywhere.

The campaign’s reach extends across both off-trade and on-trade channels, taking advantage of diverse collections of POS materials. From eye-catching FSDUs to strategically placed parasite units, Smirnoff ensures its presence is felt wherever consumers gather, be it in supermarkets or local pubs.

In The End

Virality is that achievement every brand wants very much but is often very difficult to get. However, Smirnoff, here, has given us a perfect blueprint with actionable strategies for achieving viral stardom. By harnessing the power of digital platforms to ensure ubiquity, embracing collaborations, and being strategic with your advertising moves, it’s clear that Smirnoff knows how to do it best.

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