Spectacular Vodka POS Display By Snow Owl – How Does This Boost Sales And Awareness?

The retail market as we all know is a busy one, especially for liquor brands due to the ever-growing number of competitions. Hence, promoting your liquor brand can be quite a task. However, one way to stay on top of the marketing game is through POS displays.

Indeed, POS displays are a crucial aspect of retail merchandising mainly because shoppers get their first impression of your products through your in-store retail displays. Thus, investing in them is important.

Speaking of retail displays, one good thing is that they can be done in several creative ways. That way, your brand can stand out. In today’s feature, we take a look at Snow Owl’s spectacular Vodka POS display.

What Are Some Of The Marketing Lessons From Snow Owl’s Vodka POS Display?

There are several visual merchandising strategies out there. At UCT (ASIA), we compile and feature innovative and impressive POS display ideas that catch our attention. We highlight what we love about them and detail how they can benefit your brand.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Snow Owl’s POS display and some of the lessons to take from it.

1.    Use Relevant Display Designs

Your main marketing objective is to get the attention of your shoppers and make them purchase your products. This can be done through display designs. However, you should ensure that your designs are appropriate and relevant to your displayed products.

In this promotion, we love how wisely Snow Owl chose its display designs. Since the vodka is a mixture of organic elements, Snow Owl used a nature-themed display that suits the showcased products. 

2.    Be Different

When developing your visual merchandising strategy, one key thing to note is to be different. Being different in the retail market is essential due to crowded store shelves and the short attention spans of shoppers.

In the case of Snow Owl, they thought out of the box and designed this creative display that allows them to showcase multiple products at the same time.

3.    Raise Your Brand Awareness

If you’re not already a household name, it can be challenging getting shoppers to notice your brand. However, with POP displays, you can catch their attention and creatively communicate your message through texts and graphics. They help you to teach new customers about your brand while also keeping your products fresh in the minds of your existing customers.

4.    Pick The Right Spot

You might hear it often, but you have to always consider this last marketing tip from Snow Owl. The strategic placement of each retail product display can impact your sales. How would people see your products when it is placed in a spot that is less accessible?

It might not be often spoken of, but you should always ensure that your retail product display is strategically placed. Placing your display in high-traffic areas of the store can impact your sales. We love how Snow Owl vodka display was positioned in an accessible spot where people could easily see.

In The End,

Product displays are crucial to your liquor marketing strategy. How your products are presented to the market influences how your brand is seen. So, you should always take the look and purpose of your display seriously. Also, this strategy from Snow Owl can be adopted even if you’re not in the liquor industry.

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