Starbucks Enchanting Holiday Marketing Stunts In China – Let’s Unravel The Top 3 POS Secrets Together!

What a lovely and proud accomplishment to attain the feat of the world’s largest coffeehouse chain! Indeed, kings are not made in a day!

This American company has indeed built an indelible experience in the lives of its customers. With years of experience in the business, Starbucks has remained the first choice of customers globally in terms of coffee.

Starbucks with its non-negotiable stardom in the coffee industry has expanded its reach globally. Equivocally, China is not left out in the sphere of expansion.

Recently, our team visited a branch of it in Zhuhai, China and we were bewildered by the stunning marketing stunt Starbucks used this year.

Of all the most fascinating marketing strategies that were used, was the innovative POS idea which strikingly held us spellbound.

But What Is With The POS?

What less is expected from a leader than the best? Starbucks’ splendid creativity and promotional strategies are one of the masterminds of its ingenious fame. It is an uncontested fact that Starbucks is an excellent model for coffee brands to learn!

You might be wondering why Starbucks still promotes its brand despite being at the top of the game or why Starbucks uses a POS display despite its popularity and myriads of customers around the world?

Let’s walk you through the reasons Starbucks used a POS display as its promotional idea!

1.    Metal POS Display

In the spirit of commendation, our team entered a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee for the day and we noticed this attractive and alluring metal POS display at the counter.

We were propelled to draw closer to the POS display having been heard in utter bewilderment with its creativity. And we were greeted tangibly with the aura of the season that we had an instant fantasy for Christmas.

The durability of the metal used for the POS display makes it ideal for keeping the display in place.

Although, we would have appreciated it even better if the metal POS display was customized with its logo. Don’t forget to add this to your next POS display for your promo.

2.    Cardboard POS Display

When we visit a coffee shop, our first resort is at the counter where we peruse the menu for the available drinks. This proves that the counter is a generous spot to place a brand’s product since most of the transactions are made here.

Concomitantly, this was what Starbucks exactly did! This specific promotional idea is made from a light cardboard material that makes it spin effortlessly.

Aside from the material used for the promotional idea, the verdant green colour and the customization of this Cardboard POS Display with a Christmas tree make it perfect for the season.

In Summary,

Becoming a leading brand calls for so many sacrifices that would endear your customers as well as prospective customers to you. Make a difference in your industry with a unique promotional strategy!

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