Starbucks Korea’s ‘Starbucks StarLight’ NFT Project Shakes Up the Coffee Industry!

Being the first to pioneer something in marketing can be quite a challenge. You’re thinking, would it be a success? How would people receive it? Yet, Starbucks Korea has fearlessly ventured into new territory with the announcement of its groundbreaking NFT project, ‘STARBUCKS STAR LIGHT’, revolutionizing the coffee industry in Asia.

This article aims to shed light on the project and the key lessons we can take from it.

Here’s all you need to know about the project:

  • Objective: Encourage the use of personal cups and enhance digital engagement in the Starbucks® Rewards loyalty program.
  • Method: Offering limited edition NFTs as rewards for customers who order beverages via mobile order using personal cups.
  • Redemption System: Earn Eco Stamps with each purchase, and exchange stamps for NFTs across three tiers: BASIC NFT, CREATIVE NFT, and ARTIST NFT.
  • Art Collaboration: Collaboration with Korea’s largest digital art platform ‘Print Bakery’ and local artists like ‘DADAZ’ to create diverse digital artwork centered around the theme of ‘My Own Cup’.

Key Lessons:

1. Innovative Customer Engagement

Starbucks Korea’s NFT project introduces a fresh and innovative way to engage with customers through its loyalty programs. The use of personal cups as incentives, with exclusive NFT rewards, not only promotes sustainability but also enhances the digital experience for patrons.

2. Value of Limited Edition Collectibles

The tiered NFT redemption system offers customers the opportunity to own rare digital artworks by simply embracing sustainable practices.

From the ‘BASIC NFT’ to the coveted ‘ARTIST NFT’, Starbucks Korea taps into the attraction of limited edition collectibles to drive customer participation.

3. Power of Collaborative Artistry

Collaboration with renowned local artists and digital art platforms enriches the Starbucks experience with visually captivating NFTs. By showcasing diverse artwork celebrating the theme of ‘My Own Cup’, Starbucks Korea supports local talent and creates a unique cultural connection with customers.

4. Commitment to Sustainability

The ‘STARBUCKS STAR LIGHT’ project underscores Starbucks Korea’s commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. By promoting the use of personal cups and offering eco-friendly incentives, the company takes significant strides towards reducing environmental impact.

5. Community Engagement and Celebration

Through exclusive exhibitions featuring NFT artworks by local Korean artists, Starbucks Korea celebrates and embraces Korean culture. Beyond coffee, the company becomes a platform for artistic expression, promoting community engagement and enriching the customer experience.


Starbucks Korea’s NFT project introduces a groundbreaking initiative that sets a precedent for innovation, sustainability, and community engagement in the coffee industry. As the project continues to evolve, it offers valuable insights and lessons for brands and business owners seeking to redefine customer engagement and drive positive social impact.

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