Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Award-Winning Aperol European Travel Campaign!

Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Award-Winning Aperol European Travel Campaign!

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Travel retail, a sector where brands battle for fleeting moments of consumer attention amidst duty-free aisles, is no walk in the park. Yet, Aperol, the vibrant orange Italian aperitif, managed to not only stand out, but waltz away with a prestigious accolade at the 2023 TFWA Asia Pacific Awards. How’d they do it? Let’s uncover 4 key secrets behind its success.

4 Secrets Behind the Award-Winning Aperol Travel Campaign

1.   Engaging Visuals and Creativity

The power of visuals played a pivotal role in Aperol’s success. The campaign leveraged striking imagery and creative content that captured the essence of European travel. From vibrant cityscapes to picturesque landscapes, every visual element was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of wanderlust, drawing the audience into the Aperol experience.

2.   Strategic Social Media Integration

Aperol recognized the importance of meeting the audience where they are – on social media. The campaign strategically utilized various platforms to share captivating snippets of European adventures, promoting a sense of community among followers. By seamlessly integrating the campaign into the social media space, Aperol amplified its reach and engagement.

3.   Influencer Collaboration

Leveraging influencers can be a game-changer, and Aperol nailed this aspect of their campaign. Instead of traditional endorsements, they collaborated with influencers who shared authentic connections with the destinations featured in the campaign. This not only expanded the campaign’s reach but also added credibility, as audiences saw real people enjoying Aperol in genuine travel moments.

4.   Personalized Experiences

Aperol understood that one size doesn’t fit all. The campaign offered personalized experiences, allowing consumers to feel a sense of ownership. Whether through interactive online elements or on-site events, Aperol made sure that individuals could tailor their engagement with the brand, fostering a deeper connection.

5.   Authentic Storytelling

Aperol’s campaign stood out by weaving an authentic narrative that resonated with the audience. Instead of flashy promotions, they embraced storytelling, connecting the brand with the diverse cultures and experiences found across Europe. This authenticity created a genuine bond with consumers, making the campaign memorable.


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